KMazing – Most idols in K-Pop have a seven-year contract with their management company. And, when idol groups breakup or some members opt to leave the group that has created their fame after seven years, the fans commonly refer to this phenomena as the “seven-year curse.”

Then, which boy bands’ contracts will expire in 2022? Are they going to face the seven-year curse?

K-Pop Boy Group with Contract Ending in 2022

Day6 is boy ban that debuted in 2015 and is managed under JYP Entertainment. They are a five-member band and have released some pretty popular songs. The group’s last project with full members was in April 2021. Then, the members began to actively become soloists, form sub-units, or plunge into the world of acting.

Currently, the three members, Sungjin, Young K, and Dowoon, are serving in the military. However, on December 31, 2021, one of its members, Jae, was reported to have left the group.


Following the announcement, Jae claims that he was merely taking a break from his activities while the three members served in the military. Jae’s contract with JYP Entertainment has been canceled, and he would be departing the group, according to the agency. The revelation causes the fandom to get even more concerned about Day6’s future.

The seven-member group debuted in 2015 and currently contracted to YG Entertainment. iKon was formed through the survival show Mix & Match. However, in 2019, the leader of this group, B.I, chose to leave the group. This happened after one of the South Korean media revealed that B.I had tried to buy illegal drugs in 2016.


The rest of the member resumed their activities with a comeback on February 6, 2020. Finally, they released a song in March 2021 and took part in a competition event with several other idol groups in Kingdom: Legendary War in April 2021.

One of its members, Bobby, also suddenly announced plans for his marriage and the birth of his first child. Since then, the group has had no plans to make a comeback.

Monsta X
This boy band, which initially consisted of seven members, debuted in May 2015 under Starship Entertainment. They were also formed through the survival show, NO MERCY.

However, in October 2019, one of its members, Wonho, chose to leave the group. This happened after allegations emerged that Wonho had owed tens of millions of won to someone named Jung Da Eun. The accusation was followed by a statement from Da Eun’s close friend, Han Seo Hee, that Wonho had been in trouble with the law several years ago.


After the dispute, Monsta X continued its activities as an idol with six members. Currently, the group’s leader, Shownu, is serving in the military. The other five members continue to release new songs and promote. They also just released their second English album, The Dreaming, in December 2021.