KMazing – K-Pop is like a virus that is easily transmitted and affects anyone who hears it. Especially if the song is easy listening, wow, surely the bias list will increase. Some Kpoppers even try their best to follow their idol’s fashion style. There are also those who buy various idol merchandise, such as lightstick, pictorial, and socks [yes, socks]. The love of the fans is certainly inseparable from the hard work of the idols in presenting an extraordinary work. Besides the quality of the songs, interesting choreography, the singing ability of these idols is also becoming better and better each day. So, without further ado, here are KMazing pick on Top 10 Best K-Pop Songs of 2018, Enjoy!

Kiss Me Like That

One of the legendary Korean K-Pop group has also released their new song in 2018. Shinhwa, a group that has existed since the first generation idol has indeed been given the thumbs up for its existence and scandal-less history. In the midst of the rise of new K-Pop groups that are become more and more emerging, the cohesiveness of this sunbaenim remained solid while keeping the quality of above average on every aspect. In fact, Eric CS released a new single titled “Kiss Me Like That” and the chart was going frenzy.

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When It Rains

It’s not BTOB if you don’t succeed in making the fans feeling their deepest emotion while they are hearing their song. While other groups were competing to release summer albums that were cheerful and full of energy, BTOB remained consistent in their musical way. One of the BTOB subunits, namely BTOB Blue, sings ballad songs that slice every hearts that listen to it, even in the hottest summer.


For those who call themselves Wannables, you guys will definitely know this song. Yep, Light is a song performed by Wanna One. For some reason, it just feels good to be sure that the fans still able to see again Wanna One involves in the Korean music industry before the project end.

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This song titled “Light” certainly did not disappoint fans. In fact, “Light” won an all-kill and wiped out South Korean music sites. This is the uniqueness of Wanna One that no other group has. Although its members are from many agencies, their compactness and quality of music are united perfectly. Surely the fans will agree with me on this one!


One of the mainstay songs from the boy group made by YG Ent is filmed in America. Upon its release on April 4, 2018, Everyday was quickly trending in 18 countries. The success of the song from Winner is indeed inseparable from its attractive tone, unique MV, and the support of the fans of Winner, Inner Circle, which is endless. Thanks to Everyday, Winner was also chosen as the Talk Talk Ambassador in 2018.

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What is Love

For K-Pop girl group lovers from JYP Ent, surely you will be no stranger to this particular song. What is Love has that unique dances and tones which sparkle Twice’s member while also uplifting their status as one of the best girl groups whose existence in the world of Kpop is undoubtedly important.

One part that almost all Once like and often sung by other Korean artists when they make an appearance on television shows is the “I want to love … love … love … love … (What is Love?)”. In fact, TWICE has also received lots of awards thanks to What is Love. On YouTube alone, “What Is Love” have earned as many as 148 million viewers. WOW!

Love Scenario

Other than Winner and Black Pink, YG Ent also ensuring their domination with iKon which achieved quite a fruitful year thanks to one particular song. Yap … “Love Scenario” sung by iKon did achieve all-kill for quite a long time. In fact, this song received the title of “group-topper” and also “chart-topper” on the Korean Billboard. Another title, “Digital King” is also obtained by the group thanks to Love Scenario. This is not surprising, considering that for 17 consecutive weeks, Love Scenario top the top chart.

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Musically, the song is very simple, which tells the story of the separation of two lovebirds. But the unique way of singing brought by BI and his team member certainly spark Love Scenario’s popularity. The Love Scenario fever is also successfully achieved the approval of kiddie generation which then make this song the unofficial anthem of the kid’s song of 2018 in South Korea.

Bad Boy

Bad Boy is the prime song by SM Ent. girl group, Red Velvet. In line with the title, “Bad Boy” sung tells on the hidden side of women who are interested in a bad boy and about their efforts in getting their the heart. You can just look at Wendy et al’s expressions and styles, charismatically eerie! The music video of Bad Boy has been seen 116 million times and undoubtedly, the song did dominate Korean Music Chart for quite long time. In fact, because of the popularity of this song, Red Velvet even made the English version of “Bad Boy” in the KCON event in America.

BBom BBoom

One of the most popular K-Pop songs in 2018 is Momoland’s single “Bbom Bboom.” The song and of course the girl group, is stealing the show thanks to the choreography of the song which is quite easy but in a way is also a great inspiration for dancers. In fact, not infrequently there are other K-Pop artists who are not even reluctant to dance to this song.

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The beat is good, the dance is funny, the music video is hilarious, but unfortunately, “BBom BBoom” was hit by the rumors of plagiarism, bulk buying, and chart manipulation which comes out untrue and was just a baseless rumor. Even so, Bbom Bboom has already got 193 million views on Youtube plus successfully give Momoland 4 trophies. Congratulations!

Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

One of the songs from the famous girl group of YG Ent is indeed known as the easy listening song with a unique dance performance. One of the characteristics of the Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is a shot dance that becomes the reason why this dance have covered by lots of people, both from K-Poppers and Non-K-Poppers.

Ddu-Du Ddu-Du as a song indeed has achieved the perfect all-kill in all of Korea Streaming and Live Ranking. The fact that Black Pink has been named one of the girl groups with the 10 million fastest views in just 6 hours is another proof of their immense popularity.

Fake Love

If you are an ARMY, you will surely are familiar with “Fake Love”. A song by BTS that earned the most views, in 2018, which is around 35.9 million views. In fact, Fake Love is also successfully penetrated Billboard Music Award 2018. On YouTube this upbeat song gets 6 million likes. Wow, great!

Well, the rise of Fake Love is certainly one of the many achievements recorded by BTS as one of the best K-Pop boy groups that are now already looking steady in branching their career in America. This group fronted by RM is often present at such high-rated events such as The UN Nations Assembly.

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One interesting fact for this song is that “Fake Love” was heard played on Mexican radio as one of the songs to show the gratitude of Mexican people for South Korea National Football Team for kicking Germany out from the World Cup in the summer.