Top 10 Best K-Pop Songs of 2018


KMazing – K-Pop is like a virus that is easily transmitted and affects anyone who hears it. Especially if the song is easy listening, wow, surely the bias list will increase. Some Kpoppers even try their best to follow their idol’s fashion style. There are also those who buy various idol merchandise, such as lightstick, pictorial, and socks [yes, socks]. The love of the fans is certainly inseparable from the hard work of the idols in presenting an extraordinary work. Besides the quality of the songs, interesting choreography, the singing ability of these idols is also becoming better and better each day. So, without further ado, here are KMazing pick on Top 10 Best K-Pop Songs of 2018, Enjoy!

10Kiss Me Like That

One of the legendary Korean K-Pop group has also released their new song in 2018. Shinhwa, a group that has existed since the first generation idol has indeed been given the thumbs up for its existence and scandal-less history. In the midst of the rise of new K-Pop groups that are become more and more emerging, the cohesiveness of this sunbaenim remained solid while keeping the quality of above average on every aspect. In fact, Eric CS released a new single titled “Kiss Me Like That” and the chart was going frenzy.

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