KMazing – Nowadays, we are becoming more familiar with Asian films, especially South Korean production which is now becoming primadonna and is always the target of movie lovers. Aside from the good-looking cast, K-films present stories that are no less interesting than its Hollywood counterpart. In fact, there are lots of films that have quite high budgets with astonishing results, and yes! We are going to present you the top 10 films of South Korean production in 2018? Let’s go!

Along With the Gods

This is one of the best best best [yes we need to emphasizes it three times]Korean film that gets not only fantastic profits but also die-hard fans all over the world. The film Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds which aired in 2017 got a total profit of 103,664,218 USD. The film that hit the achievement of 14,410,931 moviegoers indeed presents a unique, fresh story, and of course with a row of the star-studded cast that cannot be underestimated. The film, starring Ha Jung-woo, Joo Ji Hoon, Cha Tae Hyun, to Kim Hyang-gi, this film tells the life of a firefighter who died and accompanied by 3 guardians angel in the path to the afterlife in order to achieve reincarnation.

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1987: When The Day Comes

The film, which was also released at the end of 2017 and became one of the best-selling films of 2018, starred Kim Yun Seok, Yoo Hae Jin, Ha Jung Woo, and Kim Tae Ri. 1987: When The Day Comes earns an income of 52,120,350 USD. The story is very interesting, namely about the trial of the disclosure of student deaths being interrogated by police during the 1987 chaos in South Korea.


One of the films released in May 2018 earned revenue of 38,967,191 USD with a total audience of 5,061,131. The believer is one of the best crime action films with a storyline in the form of a story of a detective’s collaboration with drug dealers in capturing the big port of illicit goods in Asia. It might sound generic but believe me, it’s not!

The Accidental Detective 2: In Action

Here comes the film that has been on the list for Running Man fans. Yes, you are absolutely right, Lee Kwang Soo takes on a role as one of the three main characters in this action/comedy film. The Accidental Detective 2: In Action indeed tells the story of a former detective who built his private detective agency. He then collaborated with bookstore owners in recruiting new employees who would jointly handle a horrendous case of death. The film which also stars Kwon Sang Woo did attract over 3 million viewers with 22,503,538 USD as their total income.

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Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

One of the horror thrillers awaited by lots of film lovers is Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum. The film released in March 2018 earned 2,675,618 viewers with an income of 19,220,545 USD. This is not strange considering how this best-selling film tells about the journey of several people that tries to explore the abandoned Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital. Uniquely, Gonjiam was recorded in a vlog style as to make the audience feel like they were testing their guts there.

Now I Will Meet You

Of the many actions, horror, thriller and romantic films, Now Will Meet You managed to penetrate the revenue of 18,641,234 USD with 2,601,572 moviegoers recorded. The film, which tells the story of a woman’s promise to her family during the rainy season, really is a tearjerker one. Because she returned after previously declared dead. There is no element of mystery in this film. There is only a romantic drama story of a family where the main female character tries to remember her husband and child.

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The film adapted from the Japanese novel entitled “Be With You” got the support from lots of famous actors. There is So Ji Sub who is known to the public as the best actor in playing dramatic mellow characters, and of course, we all know Son Ye Jin who successfully drain the tears of the audience on the movie ‘A Moment To Remember’.

Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead

Here comes one of the films that Kim Ji Won’s fans have been waiting for. The film that aired in February 2018 was indeed successful in reaching 2,444,180 spectators with revenue of 17,768,966 USD. Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead might look a bit underrated on the plot storyline, but the appearance of such huge star and famous actors, such as Kim Myung Min, Lee Min Ki, Oh Dal Su, Ji Wong Bae, and of course Kim Ji Won really did balance the equilibrium.

Golden Slumber

Another film that became one of the best-selling films in South Korea, namely Golden Slumber. This criminal genre film earned 10,230,448 USD. This film by director Noh Dong Seok has the best Korean cast you can get for this kind of genre. Kang Dong Won, Han Hyo Jo, Kim Eul Sung, Yoon Kye-sang and Yu Jae Myeong is ready to take you to the whole new world of criminal-genre film.

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A Field Day

This family drama film is also one of the films that have been approved by lots of movie-lovers. A Field Day tells the life story of a 9-year-old girl named Seung Hee. Seung Hee’s family is not on the conductive part of their life. His father was exposed to unilateral layoffs and while the mother was having an affair. Because of all these problems, Seung Hee often felt disgusted that she chose to stay with her uncle and grandfather. Seung Hee also never told about her parents and vice versa. Seung Hee’s parents also rarely see their children. Until one day, there was an unexpected event that made everything related. Well … for those who like this kind of family story, you can watch this film starring child actress Kim Su An.

Notebook From My Mother

Another film about families that successfully “cuts” the hearts of the audience. Notebook From My Mother tells the story of an elderly mother named Ae Ran. The 72-year-old woman lives with her son named Gyu Hyeon. Ae Ran’s profession as a chef made her enjoy writing her processed recipes into a book. Unexpectedly, Ae Ran who had long suffered from Alzheimer’s died. Gyu Heon then found Ae Ran’s recipe book and tried all the recipes inside while trying to remember the mother’s story. The film that is very suitable to be watched by the whole family stars Lee Joo Sil and Lee Jong Hyuk which replicate the perfect feeling you would expect from a family connection.