5 Action-Packed Korean Drama to Pump Your Adrenaline Up


Disclaimer: Hi there! As usual, I need to inform you guys that, this list is based on my point of view and if you think I missed some of the titles from this genre, please do write on the comment section and later on I will try my best to add to this list. Ciao!


KMazing – The South Korean entertainment industry is one of the epitomes in the world entertainment ranking. Starting from Kpop to KDrama which is now starting to take more impact. Since 1960, the development of this industry has started and the growing market is the evidence that with the right concept, Asian-based entertainment can also be enjoyed by all over the world.

As we know, Korean drama is not only about love stories. In contrast, the drama series from South Korea have also branched to many other genres. Starting from comedy, horror, mystery, and of course, action. In recent years, dramas with action genres have been quite famous.

Tho sometimes it is based on the action itself the series nowadays pair the action scene with a lot of interesting plot story. Starting from historical settings to romance or crime stories. The popularity of Korean drama with this action genre has also given birth to several titles that could be categorized as one of the best.

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Iris is one of the best Korean dramas in the action genre. The drama that won the award for Best Drama at the 2010 Baeksang Art Awards was starred by the famous actor Lee Byung Hun who had played in the G.I film. Joe. Byung Hun took this chance to act with Kim Tae Hee who was at the time one of the most talented actresses in the country.

This drama is not just only relying on the romance story plot which includes the love triangle drama between Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, and Jung Jun Ho but also provide some multilateral conflict which in my humble opinion is superbly done.

The background story of Iris is about the NSS secret agent who got an assignment that needs to be done in Hungary. In the middle of the assignment, they were framed by IRIS which made the main plot even more interesting. Coupled with the romance, this action drama deserves to be on the list.

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