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KMazing – The South Korean entertainment industry is one of the epitomes in the world entertainment ranking. Starting from Kpop to KDrama which is now starting to take more impact. Since 1960, the development of this industry has started and the growing market is the evidence that with the right concept, Asian-based entertainment can also be enjoyed by all over the world.

As we know, Korean drama is not only about love stories. In contrast, the drama series from South Korea have also branched to many other genres. Starting from comedy, horror, mystery, and of course, action. In recent years, dramas with action genres have been quite famous.

Tho sometimes it is based on the action itself the series nowadays pair the action scene with a lot of interesting plot story. Starting from historical settings to romance or crime stories. The popularity of Korean drama with this action genre has also given birth to several titles that could be categorized as one of the best.

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Iris is one of the best Korean dramas in the action genre. The drama that won the award for Best Drama at the 2010 Baeksang Art Awards was starred by the famous actor Lee Byung Hun who had played in the G.I film. Joe. Byung Hun took this chance to act with Kim Tae Hee who was at the time one of the most talented actresses in the country.

This drama is not just only relying on the romance story plot which includes the love triangle drama between Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, and Jung Jun Ho but also provide some multilateral conflict which in my humble opinion is superbly done.

The background story of Iris is about the NSS secret agent who got an assignment that needs to be done in Hungary. In the middle of the assignment, they were framed by IRIS which made the main plot even more interesting. Coupled with the romance, this action drama deserves to be on the list.


Healer is a Korean drama that aired on KBS2 in December 2014. The 20-episode drama starred famous South Korean actors and actresses. Ji Chang-Wook, Park Min-young, and Yoo Ji-Tae took the frame as the lead characters. The drama was widely accepted because it doesn’t just rely on the storyline which is full of mystery and tension but with also the brilliant acting of the actors and of course, the action. The perfect execution makes Healers took a couple of awards in South Korea shortly after its release.


The drama tells the story of illegal “night couriers” operating under the name “Healer”. Seo Jung-hoo (played by Ji Chang-Wook) gets the mission of Kim Moon-ho (played by Yoo Ji-Tae), a reporter and the relative of the CEO of news company to protect a woman. Chae Young-shin (played by Park Min-young) take the role of an internet journalist who doesn’t know that her life was targeted after being related to the incident 10 years ago. All of them are wrapped up in the story of past mistakes, bad luck, and the desire to seek the truth.

The healer gets a lot of praise for being able to present a tense story, but it’s still fun to follow. In addition, this drama shows the reality of news hunters. As well as a series of truths they know but they can’t express it before the public.

The K2

I know I know I might be lil bit biased toward Ji Chang Wook but the reality is that he is quite good while taking on the role on action drama, so why not?! After hitting it big with Healer, Ji Chang Wook took the script of The K2 television series which was super famous in 2016. Well, it’s quite deserved since the budget of the series itself is huge for tvN scale.

The K2 storyline is difficult to guess and accompanied by action that can pump the adrenaline, the combined charm becomes the fatal main attraction for the audience. The main character is played by Ji Chang Wook as Kim Je Ha. While Im Yoona (Yoona of Girls’ Generation) plays the Go Ahn Na taking on the role of the female protagonist.

Kim Jae Ha is a former soldier who later worked as the guardian of the wife of a presidential candidate named Choi Yoo Jin. Choi Yoo Jin has a daughter who is depressed called Go Ahn Na. However, the storyline is increasingly complicated when Kim Je Ha falls in love with Go Ahn Na.

The love story between the bodyguard and child of the presidential candidate is increasingly complicated because Go Ahn Na is actually *roll the drums* the daughter of an employer who also comes from a wealthy family. Well, that much spoiler is enough to get you interested in this drama right?

City Hunter

It’s not right talking about Korean drama with the action genre without City Hunter. This drama is not just widely popular in its home country, but also in other countries. In fact, this series is the culmination of popularity from the famous actor Lee Minho and the pretty actress Park Min-young.

City Hunter was first released in May 2011 on SBS. It was a manga adaptation series of the same name from Japan illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo. Some actors and actresses who also play their roles in City Hunter are Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young, Lee Joon-hyuk, Kim Sang-joong, Kim Sang-ho, Hwang Sun-hee, Goo Ha-ra, Chun Ho- genie and Lee Kwang-soo.

TBH Drama City Hunter has a complex story. Not just raising some action with stunning cinematography, this drama also raised a number of politically sensitive issues. One of them is the relationship between North Korea and South Korea. City Hunter tells the story of Lee Yoon-sung or Poochai (played by Lee Min-ho) who has the code name “City Hunter”. Lee Yoon-sung is an IT expert at Blue House, South Korea. Lee Yoon-sung has a separate mission to become part of the presidency. One of them is to reveal who is the murderer of the biological father.

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The 20-episode drama tells the story of an investigation carried out by Lee Yoon-sung with the help of the president’s security guard force, Kim Na-na (played by Park Min-young). Until the disclosure of corruption cases which also involved retaliation of South Korea to North Korea decades ago.

Descendants of The Sun

This one particular Korean drama is one of the most successful dramas two years ago. Two handsome men and two beautiful women combined in a drama that had made a scene in the KDrama “universe”. The theme carried by this action drama is a military nuance with an imaginative country as background called Uruk. Descendants of The Sun immediately stole the spotlight after the fantastic production fund was revealed.

This drama tells the love story between Captain Yo Shi-Jin and surgeon Kang Mo-Yeon. Both have complicated love stories because Yoo Shi-Jin must often go to do dangerous tasks. One time, both of them were accidentally assigned by the United Nations to serve in a war-torn country which is Uruk.

Various incidents of dangerous, difficult and life-threatening situations have always been experienced by Yoo Shi-Jin and Kang Mo in that place. Amorous stories are increasingly emotional when one of Yoo Shi-jin’s subordinates falls in love with a military doctor who is the son of a general. The love story of the two couples is even more complicated when the General wants Yoo Shi-Jin to be his son-in-law. But it didn’t stop there, this drama also featured Jin Goo’s character who played Seo Dae Young who also has the love-hate relationship with Kim Ji Won.

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Descendants of The Sun managed to break a lot of records, even the rating each episode goes over the 20% in a strict rating battle in the South Korean television scene. Still not enough? The award achieved by this series in total is 16 awards. Amazing right?