KMazing – The characters in K-drama are often fictional characters created by the author. But not all of them fictitious, here are 5 Korean dramas whose characters are inspired by real figures.

Queen Seondeok of “The Great Queen Seondok” Drama

Although the story in this drama is fictitious, but the character of Queen Seondeok is a real character! Queen Seondeok is the leader of the greatest Asian woman of her time. The K-drama character gained tremendous popularity, even BIGBANG leader G-Dragon claimed a lot to learn about the leadership of Queen Seondeok’s character.

Professor of Dongguk University on “Miss Ripley” Drama

The character played by the beautiful actress Lee Dae Hae in K-drama Miss Ripley is apparently an inspiration from a professor at Dongguk University. The figure in K-drama is about a woman who gets a job from falsifying identity. While in the real story of the professor was imprisoned for 18 months and exposed to a scandal with a presidential aide.

King Choong Seon in “The King in Love” Drama

In this 40 episodes of K-Drama, there is a character named Wang Won who is stunningly played by actor Im Siwan. Although not his character which is a true story, but the background of Wang Won is the inspiration of real character King Choonngseon. King Choong Seon was the son of the Chungyeol king and his mother was a royal family of Yuan.

Lee Young Suk in “Bachelor Vegetable Store” Drama

The character in this K-drama is a man named Lee Young Suk. Youngsuk is a man who proves that results will not betray effort. Started with a small vegetable shop and thanks to its diligence turned into a national franchise that has 33 branches. This one can be an inspiration to you who are in business tho!

Japanese Man in “My Wife Having an Affair This Week”

K-drama produced by JTBC TV station is about real characters, a man in Japan who is confused what to do when he finds out that his wife will be doing an affair. The man then asked a forum about what he should do if his wife will cheat him this week. Suddenly the forum became viral and got a lot of responses from the public.