KMazing – Body shaming or commenting on someone else’s physicality is actually just as bad as bullying. Intentional or just for mere jokes, the act of body shaming can drop the victim’s confidence that can even lead to depression and in a severe case, suicide. There is no perfect human, and no one has the right to comment on the physical nature of other people whatever the reason for causing bad things for the victim. Humans are God’s creation and no human is perfect.

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For those who love to do the act of body shaming, think about how perfect you are, and try to imagine if you are in the position of the victim. Body shaming is bad and inappropriate for anyone and no one deserves it. To engulf more about this act of body shaming and its downside, here are 4 K-Dramas that are able to make us realize that body shaming can have a severe impact.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty aired on JTBC in 2018. The drama, which was lifted from the Webtoon, revolves around a woman named Kang Mi Rae who is a shy girl and is often bullied during her school time because of her ugly visual. Because of the body shaming keep impacting her daily life, she chose to get plastic surgery and continue to live by being beautiful Kang Mi Rae.

The Miracle

The Miracle is a drama that tells the story about two twin sisters who has different fortunes. Shin Ah was born with a beautiful face while Shi Yeon was born with a body that weighed a lil bit more than a normal girl. This condition then becoming the reason behind body shaming on Shi Yeon. She often gets bullied, ridiculed and even ostracized by many students in her school. The condition then makes Shi Yeon prefers to spend time alone at home and sinking in her deep emotion.

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Oh My Venus

In the series, Shin Min-ah plays Kang Joo-Eun who is a lawyer who used to be very beautiful but as time goes by she then has a problem with her weight. Because of this, she became marginal by her own friends and the target for body shaming act. Finally, she made a determination to go back to being as thin as before by running a strict diet.

Birth of Beauty

Birth of a Beauty is one of the dramas that will certainly makes you cry through its story that is full of moral messages. The series revolves around a fat woman who married a handsome and rich man, she was never even treated well by her husband’s family, and also was cheated on by her husband for her physical. The situation is increasingly complicated and life is never beautiful, pushing her to choose the suicide way. She then was considered died by everyone but apparently, chose to change her life through plastic surgery plot an act of revenge.

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