KMazing – In a K-Pop group, the figure of a leader is almost a must. The leader is one component or part that have to exist in K-Pop idol groups. Usually, those who become leaders are someone who has a charismatic trait and adult in nature that then becomes the main motivator for members of their own group.

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But apparently, not all K-Pop groups have a leader in their group. Some did not have it since debut, some were indeed left by the leader in the midst of their careers. Here are some K-Pop idols group who don’t have leaders in their group.


JYJ was part of TVXQ’s SM Entertainment boy band with Chang-min and Yunho, before finally choosing to leave and create their own group under the agency C-JeS Entertainment. This group is quite popular even though it’s no longer part of TVXQ. Since the formation of JYJ, Jae-joong, Yoo-chun, and Junsu agreed not to have a leader for the group. They choose to neglect the role so that members can feel more of their own responsibilities and remind each other.

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The famous group under JYP Entertainment chose not to have a leader since the leader in their group left due to the controversy of his past. Until now they still managed to survive in the entertainment industry even though they had to lose one of their members who was also the leader of 2PM. After the departure of leader Jay Park, the remaining member chose not to choose replacement leaders in the hope that they would believe in the responsibilities of each member.

After School

The idol group formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2009 is one of the groups with a unique concept, due to the graduation system. This system is then will lead to the “graduation” of the more older member. After School began not to have a leader when the two former leaders graduate from the group. When After School first making their debut, the group was led by Kahi. After Kahi graduated, the leader position was replaced by Jungah. But after Jungah graduated, the position of leader After School had not been replaced.

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Miss A

The JYP entertainment – disbanded – girl group apparently chose not to have a leader since its debut in 2010. Miss A believes that each member has the same talent, and avoids that not to give one person the responsibility for the success of the group. Even so, this group still managed to survive and maintain cohesiveness for seven years before finally disbanding in 2017.


The super famous YG entertainment girls group is the only group in YG entertainment without a leader. They agreed that each member has their responsibility for BLACKPINK’s success. In addition to that, the age gap between the members that are not too far behind each other is also the reason why they choose not to appoint leaders in their groups. YG revealed that the system was not implemented, not because none of the members was competent, but he wanted this group to go through all of the struggle and options by discussing and deliberating with each other.

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