KMazing – If you are an adult reading this *sigh* it’s hard being an adult, after all these year enjoying life and not to worry about anything then that time comes, where huge RESPONSIBILITY is on your very own hand. If you are student who is still on college or school, it’s also hard to live a life with tight schedule and monotonous activity. Well, that’s why you have to give a lil bit space to enjoy life. Watch new K-Drama, listen to new K-Pop song and read our website *hhe*.

Here in KMazing, we try to enjoy our life to the fullest, we try to listen to new K-Pop song, even the obscure one, but this time we will show you our uplifting go-to-song which if you consider how famous the group are, the song is rather fly below the radar. Caution ! Well some of the lyrics of the song is rather sad and not that cheerful but the beat and melody will at the very least can calm you down and maybe bit by bit upgrade your mood.


1. Apink – Bye Bye

Yeah, we know it’s not exactly K-Pop since the lyric is in Japanese, but like we said before, forget about the lyrics and listen to beat and their voice. Apink is clearly one of the very best K-Pop group, their visual and their skill is on the highest level and this song is so so so good in capturing the ability of the girls

2. Block B – Yesterday

Maybe this one doesnt really belong to the “less popular” as Block B is very well known in K-Pop World, but whatever, we just love the song and you guys should also listen to it. The beat is very cheerful and it’s hard not to shake your shoulder while listening to this song.

3. Winner – Don’t Flirt

By the time I choose this song, I do realized the title is not suitable for this caliber of boy group. This song is the ultimate compilation of winner’s singing ability and their interpretation of music which is very good but sometimes *maybe most of the time* doesn’t really fall into YG Ent. style, but through this song, you can listen the real colour of the member and it’s a veryyy good song.