KMazing – As the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon is asking for forgiveness from the public due to the case involving T.O.P. Big Bang was attending fan meeting in Japan, where the leader of the group is addressing the controversy.

I am sorry for causing trouble. I promise something like this will never happen again. Please keep supporting us.

Meanwhile, T.O.P who is at the center of the controversy has written letter of apology for his fans. The rapper of Big Bang recently tested positive for using Marijuana.

This is Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P’s real name).

First of all, I want to apologize with all my heart for disappointing many and causing a controversy through my fault.

I am too embarrassed of myself even to apologize in person… I do not have any excuses and I have many regrets. I am now cautiously writing while I am afraid of everything…

I believe I should be rightly punished for hurting the members, the label, the public, the fans who cherished me, and my family in a way that cannot be fixed. My heart hurts, and I am very disappointed in myself.


I will look back on myself thousands of times and reflect and reflect and think on my actions…

I will not make the same irresponsible mistakes again.

I apologize once again for not being able to go apologize personally one on one to everyone, and I will reflect more deeply.

I am very embarrassed of myself.

I’m sorry.





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