KMazing – After stellar success with Secretly Greatly in 2013, Kim Soo Hyun finally returns to the big screen. In his latest film titled REAL, the 29-year-old actor leak the info that he will play two different characters in this project. Kim Soo Hyun admitted that it was not easy for him to play two characters in the same project. Even so, he strives to present the best for his fans. The actor revealed his inner thought during interview with KBS’s Entertainment Weekly.

“I focused on the expressions seen through my eyes, and the audio,” and continued, “To be honest, because I was playing two roles, I had a hard time differentiating myself between the two. You can’t really see the difference in the roles at first glance. You have to watch it several times before you start to notice the changes.” – Kim Soo Hyun

“Real” is an action thriller movie about two people running the biggest casino in Asia and all about the secrets they hide. Sully is also starring in the film which schedule to be premiere later in June. Kim Soo Hyun also revealed during the interview for the movie that he prepared everything carefully and micromanage his preparation for his comeback to the big screen including learning how to box in order to get ready for his action scenes. Check out the trailer for “Real” here !