4 Korean Actor that Reluctant to take on Social Media


KMazing – The syndrome of Social Media is inevitable, there are literally almost thousand different type of social media, the number shows the animo and attention grab by this type of app in our life. It does ease the way of communicating and helping people to achieve more with their life but there also a lot of negative impact by using this apps. Public figure usually use this app to share their daily life and communicate with their fans, including K-Entertainment industry figure, G-Dragon with his millions follower on IG and other artist or actor which rack pretty high number of follower. But not all Korean Artist or actor choose to share their life via social media, and here are 4 famous Korean Actor that choose not to use social Media

1. Kang Dong Won

The star from Violent Prosecutor told the media that he has quite unique personality where he is not comfortable in talking with stranger including via social media, he even admit that he is not sure whether he could cope with that much interaction in social media.

2. Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin’s reason behind not using socmed a bit skeptical. The actor admit that social media did help him to promote himself better but most of the time, according to the experience by other fellow actor, this internet thingy bring more damage than profit, with this reason, the actor for Man to Man television series choose to opt out from social media.

3. Song Joong Ki

This is quite funny, Song Joong Ki told the media that he is not good in following new technology that’s why he didn’t have one. quite surprising for such famous actor.

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4. Gong Yoo

The actor from Train to Busan admit the positive impact from social media, – “you might get something by sharing your private life but you also lost something too from there” – The star choose not to share his private life due to the concern that the fans might react negatively toward it.

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  1. For fans living outside Korea it is sometimes difficult to find out what our favourite actors etc are doing. They can choose what information to share……..I wouldn’t expect to hear about their private lives but news about upcoming projects would be welcomed by fans, as would the chance to send our best wishes to them.


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