KMazing –  “Tomorrow with You” is a drama directed by Yoo Je-Won, and the screenwriter for the series is written by Heo Sung-Hye. Starring Lee Je-Hoon and Shin Min-Ah. TvN features Le Je-Hoon and Shin Min-Ah coupled in romantic drama Tomorrow With You. This drama is filling the slot left by the most famous drama of 2016-2017 Goblin that has ended.

Still riding the fame with fantasy genre, tvN brings Tomorrow With You not just as a romantic tale of two people with so-so narrative story. This time, the main character in the series has the ability to move into the future and the present, or  a time traveler.

Plot of The Story

Yoo So-Joon (Le Je-Hoon) is a 30-year-old man, he has the ability to be able to visit the future and return to the present through the subway. Yoo So-Joon himself is a CEO of a very successful real estate company.

Despite being a time traveler, Yoo So-Joon is very cautious and never wanted to interfere in other people’s business. But one day, he decides to meddle in the life affair of a woman named Song Ma-Rin (Shin Min-Ah). The accident that was destined to hit Song Ma-Rin was successfully avoided by Yoo So-joon’s interference. Why did So-joon suddenly want to save Ma-Rin?

Our Temp Opinion

Reading the synopsis of the story attract me to watch this drama directly, I even buy the subscription from one of those site that offer exclusive release for international K-Drama fans. This is one of the IT drama in my opinion, why you ask ? because to write this article I limit myself to watch only two episode of the series *FYI, I’ve got tons of drama that I want you guys to watch on*, but Tomorrow with You put on a freaking magic spell on me and I let loose watching the series until the fifth episode, *yes it’s that good*. The only thing that this drama didn’t get much attention is due to the effect of Goblin, when you reach the affection level that Goblin got, it’s super hard to cope with that ultimate pressure and *boom* the public left you. Overall, the drama is very good in every aspect, story, cinematography, cast – You gotta find the way to watch this series.