KMazing – Having starred together in Reply 1988, Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri Girls Day were revealed the other that the two are in relationship. The two stars were caught by Dispatch cameras spending time together.

From the news released by Dispatch, the couple was seen spending time together in March. Despite wearing a thick jacket and covering their face with a mask, both of their identities remain recognizable. Still from the same source, they also reported that Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol rarely get together because of their hectic schedule. But if they have time, they will spend time together in the actor’s house.

Dispatch also took pictures when Hyeri went to Ryu Jun Yeol’s house on August 11, when he just returned from Europe. Both are exposed to be in relationship since last year, after co-star together in Reply 1988.

The agencies have responded by releasing official statement, stating:

“Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri were close friends in their field and developed into a closer, loving relationship.

They are now carefully meeting each other and want to apologize to all fans for the sudden, abrupt news of their relationship.

They just started dating so they are being very careful and want to ask everyone to look at them with care.

Thank you very much”

— C-JeS Entertainment 

As is known, in the 1988 REPLY drama Park Bo Gum is the one  who ended up married with Hyeri. The fans of Ryu Jun Yeol certainly feel really happy to see his idol actually end up to be in real relationship in the real world with Hyeri.