As we reported before, the leader of ultra-famous K-Pop boy group Big Bang, G-Dragon is planning his solo comeback and world tour which YG Entertainment already released the information on the planned location of the tours. According to the plan, during this tour G-Dragon will be visiting 9 countries and 19 cities which will start in Seoul, South Korea and end in Tokyo.

The theme on his new albums will be about the reflection of the third phase of GD’s life which will be translated into the story on his albums and concert. The world tour itself will be titled “Act III: Motte”. On May 3, YG Entertainment released the poster of GD’s looming world tour. Check out the trailer here!

GD’s last world tour happened in 2013 where he visited 9 countries and 13 cities under title called “One of a Kind Tour”. The tour was so successful that about 570,000 fans gathered during the tour. This marked G-Dragon popularity as he writes his name on the record book as the largest tour by Korean Solo Artist. The imminent tour of G-Dragon will be managed by one of the big name in the industry, creative director Willo Perron, who has previously worked with globally-famous musician such as Kanye West  and Drake.

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