KMazing– So, am back with another result after long time digging YouTube and try to find another exceptional cover by your favorite K-Pop Artist. I realized that on my last post, the song is kinda oldies *except for “We Don’t Talk Anymore” by BTS“. Well this time I found the new-ish song that maybe you guys could enjoy a lil bit more. Expect this kind of post again, because I still have plenty of fun I can share with you ! Sign off and Enjoy Guys !

3. Amber & Ailee – “Uptown Funk”

What exceptional about this song is you can hear clear diction by the artist, yea since both of the singers native in English. I am quite enjoying this cover even though I don’t consider myself Bruno Mars song. Great cover by Amber and Ailee !

2. Shannon Williams – “Let It Go”

This is also one of that video that should have got more attention. Shannon perfectly cover every tone and bit of this song and recreated this gem through her voice and feel. Iconic performance !

1. EXO’s DO, Baekhyun, Chen, Ex-EXO Luhan – “Open Arms”

This is one to keep on memory, through this song, EXO member fully show that they are a global star and capable of handling anything. Journey emphasize this song with their iconic voice of the vocal and EXO cover the point perfectly ! Well, it’s the EXO – what else could you ask for !?