On May 1, world sensation PSY revealed the news about confirmation on his comeback which will be on May 10. PSY through his personal twitter account uploaded an image suspected of his cover album with title “4×2=8”


Later on, the star also unveiled the complete list of the tracks in his new albums. There will 10 songs which will be featured by big name in the industry of K-Pop. The prestigious list consisted of Block B’s Zico, Big Bang’s GD and Taeyang, Epik High’s Tablo, IKON’s BI and Bobby, Kush and the list goes on. In his new album PSY actively involved in every song including writing and composing the songs. Check the complete track list for PSY’s latest album!

It’s normal for musician who just released their new songs or album to be promoting their new work in variety and reality shows. The rule also applied to PSY, the world star will be participating in the recording of JTBC’s variety show “Ask Us Anything”.  Source from JTBC confirms the news and stated that “PSY will be recording for ‘Ask Us Anything’ on May 4. The episode will air on May 13.” PSY also reportedly performing his new song on the show. It’s been about five years since PSY last engaged in variety show. He is also scheduled to be participating in the show “Fantastic Duo” episode airing later in June.

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