TWICE made their debut on October 20, 2015 and they are already one of the most famous girl band in K-Pop. The girls only debuted over a year ago but with consecutive hits like “Like Ooh-Ahh”, “Cheer Up”, “TT”, and “Knock Knock” they are evolving from monster rookie to become one of the Queen of K-Pop. Their music video for “TT”  is  the fastest K-pop group music video to hit 100 millions views and breaking Twice’s own record previously set by “Cheer Up” and their first solo concert ticket in Seoul is sold out in 40 minutes.

After performing in Bangkok, Thailand on April 8, now TWICE is going to bring TWICELAND concert to Singapore on April 29, at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre. Due to the popularity of the group, the VIP ticket is sold out. VIP package include a chance to win a group photo, autographed poster and exclusive gifts for every VIP ticket holder. Check out TWICE announcement about their visit to Singapore below.


TWICE will be on full-squad formation even though Jihyo is suspected not going to perform fully but rather will accompany her group-mate by singing on the chair. She was suffering from knee injury after feeling unbearable  pain on her knees.




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