KMazing – The title might suggest some deep comparison and violence measuring on the two group but no, actually we just want to suggest and idea that with the emerging of new group in K-POP there are quite resemblance between the senior which already proven to be one of the mightiest group in K-POP and the junior which packing almost the same amount of fire power to catch up the boundary set by their senior in the industry.

Big Bang, no word could describe this group, the complexity clouding the big name of Big Bang is full of everything, from the minus to the utmost positive feature of the group. Big Bang known for their hip hop style and their creative exploration in their music. One thing I realize while waiting for Big Bang music is, you can never expect them to release any similar type of music, it quite rare to hear them use the same beat or synth effect on their song, which is quite astonishing though not always hit the jackpot.

BTS on the other hand, compliment their catchy song with discipline dance moves, which is hard to follow since they sing quite good during live performance. BTS has the potential to become as big as Big Bang and for the last couple of months they keep being on the headlines for good news regarding recognition from international media such as Washington Post and etc.

Big Bang will always be Big Bang and BTS will always stick to their characteristic as Bangtan Boys, there might be some similarity between the two groups, but doesn’t always mean that the junior will be taking over the senior. Big Bang already prove that K-POP is on the same level as the other music genre and BTS is spreading more and more K-POP mainstream virus throughout the world via their achievement. We love both of them, sometimes we listen to Bang Bang Bang then Fire, the other time we listen to Not Today then Fantastic Baby. Round and Round, stay Awesome People !!