No one can deny that BTS is one of the frontier in K-Pop now, with Army behind them, BTS conquered one by one and keep on constantly breaking new record in the history of idol group. Every time BTS release new song, they will almost probably directly goes to the top of the chart. The popularity of these boys comes from masculine-type of dance they perform, the perfect music for listener and the visual of the group, BTS is regarded as one of the most perfect boy group in K-Pop. They group was assembled by Big Hit Entertainment, agency founded on 2005 by Bang Si Hyuk, music producer and composer.

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Bang Si Hyuk on his interview with OSEN discuss on the potential of BTS working in unit in which he said “There is always the possibility of BTS promoting as a unit. But the members’ decision and opinion are very important. Right now though, both the members and myself are focusing on the group as a whole.” 

He also revealed something quite shocking, while BTS is their focus now but there are possibilities of brother group, the CEO stated that “We have had discussions about BTS’s brother group but there has not been anything confirmed. We do have male trainees but I don’t know what will happen yet. One thing that’s for sure though is that we have no female trainees. I saw the rumors that BTS’s sister group was in the works, but we do not have any female trainees.”

Lastly, the CEO applauded ARMY for their dedication and love they have given to BTS saying that all the achievement is credited to the fans all over the globe.





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