There are 17 K-Pop group that finally said their “goodbye” to the K-Pop and their fans. The process is due to happen because there are some rookie group that stole the spotlight and create new generation. There are critics that blatantly said that with the debut of TWICE, GFriend, BlackPink and several other, there will be a change of attraction in K-Pop and it will be inevitable that the “sunbae” group will have to end their passage.

There are several group that barely made their impact on K-Pop listener and at the end they needed to disband because of the scarce respond from listener, but there are also huge name or even a global sensation that ultimately have to halt their promotion as an Idol Group on K-Pop such as Rainbow, 4Minute, KARA and 2NE1.

Those big names in the industry mostly disbanded due the famous curse in K-Pop world, the 7-year curse where usually the member of the group are supposed to renew their contract with the agency, except for KARA which have been around since 2007. While contractual matter is the reason behind the disbandment of popular group in 2016, 2NE1 have slightly different reason. It was started with one of their member Park Bom’s involvement in unregistered drug problem which later made the group goes on hiatus. Minzy is the first member of 2NE1 that didn’t re-sign the contract with YG Entertainment which later follows by Park Bom and with her departure, the dismissal of the group is destined.

DSP Media where KARA and Rainbow was working under, have suffered a big loss of attention in the K-Pop  after the groups disbanded and now they are trying to regain their status by relying on rookie group K.A.R.D which just released their third project.

The 17 K-Pop Group that disbanded in 2016 are :

Beyon the Limit
LED Apple
Lucky Girls
Lucky J
Sunny Days
The Seeya