We already reported that rookie co-ed group K.A.R.D is making their comeback with “Rumor” as their third project and on April 23, K.A.R.D unleashed the MV for “Rumor” for their third project.

If you are a fans of K.A.R.D you might notice some “adopted” part from Oh Nana and Don’t Recall on this new release, but the big difference comes from the progressive beat and dynamic rhythm that changed every time the singing member change. Reggae feeling also embedded somewhere in the music, with the fade beat of trap music as the cover. It’s a pleasant to your ear.


You might notice something strange, the video is in Portrait Mode *the problem is not with your device* due to the partnership with LG the music video is is shot in a portrait method to hone the experience on mobile devices. LG also make K.A.R.D their global brand ambassador for their latest G6 Smartphone. With that in mind, all of the published content including music video is collaborated to serve the partnership with LG. This is legit prove of the potential of K.A.R.D though they are still on their third-step toward official debut *they didn’t make their official debut yet*.

K.A.R.D have made a good impact on their name despite not making their official debut with their previous song was on high ranking on iTunes Chart and the reception on their MV that garnered much attention from viewer. They also proves their popularity on global scale as they have managed to sell out their first-ever overseas tour in Brazil. Due to the extra demand by the fans, DSP Media has to add an additional dates for their tour in Brazil, an immense prove of their popularity in a global scale.



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