KMazing – Well, to be honest I kinda feel like this album or this particular song will be another effort to replicate Gangnam Style, but dear me I am so wrong on every level of it, it’s true that he is still hooking us up with one or two words in English during the climax part of the song but the it’s far from my low expectation. PSY delivered new paradigm in enjoying his music and I LUV IT wrapped it up perfectly. The song perfectly showcase the power and energy of PSY-style with catchy dance tune and bombastic repetitive synthesizer beat rhythm that is very addictive. Check out the fragment of the song here.



The Music Video, as usual coming from PSY is super random with no basic story line, but it is fun and good one to help if you are down *personal experience*. PSY trust his hip and the dance is easy to follow and super suitable with the song. In this music video, PSY invited his close friend – the famous actor – Lee Byung Hun and viral star Daimaou Kosaka. You might not be familiar with the second name but after watching the music video of PSY -I LUV IT you will who we are talking about *we don’t want to spoil the fun here*. All in all, this is super cheerful and good music and the MV tho it’s super random but super duperly exciting. Check out the MV here.