KMazing – Kim Heechul with his sparkle and easy going personality  has been known as a celebrity who has many connections. Starting from fellow K-Pop stars, actors / actresses, chefs all the way high up to corporate CEOs. So do not be surprised if many netizens are amazed by this Super Junior member’s connection.

Unfortunately, having vast connections is not always fun for Kim Heechul. He is often asked to match friends or mistaken as a figure that makes two of his friends is dating. The latest “involvement” of Heechul was when his name is mentioned in the publication of AOA’s Choa dating news with CEO of Electronic Company. Feeling uncomfortable with the assumption, Heechul revealed his inner thought about the issue in Instagram.

Here are the translation of the post he made on his personal Instagram.

“This his Madame Ddu Kim Hee Chul, who heated up this morning’s headlines. I’m… offended about the saying. 

Since a while back, I’ve had the nicknames ‘King of Connections in Entertainment’, ‘Connection Rich’, and so on. I didn’t mind. It was like saying I had a good personality… However, when people around me found out that I had a lot of close female dongsaengs and called me asking, ‘I have a hyung who wants to have a meal with A, is that okay?’ I would say, ‘You’re trash. Do you think I’m a madame?’ and delete that person’s number. Even to this day, I still get ‘Heechul. B’s contract is ending, so can you get me her contact info?’ and ‘Can you introduce me to C?’, and every time, I block those people. 

Despite that, when other become wrapped up in dating rumors, whether it’s the male or the female who is my acquaintance, I’m always the ‘Madame Ddu’. 

Over the past few years, whenever I’ve come up in dating rumors I have nothing to do with, my label suggested, ‘Let’s release a statement denying so. Why do you have to suffer when you have nothing to do with it’ but I just laughed it off, saying, ‘It’s okay. A statement saying I have nothing to do with it might affect the people involved negatively, and the fans need someone to be angry at’, but now that it’s happened repeatedly, I’m seriously pissed..

My explanation was rather long. To clarify, I have had nothing to do with absolutely any of the dating rumors my name has come up in over the years.

Even if I were present at the broadcasting station, an outing with drinks, a meal, etc, and happened to become tied in, to say that I said to some people ‘You two date starting tomorrow. If you don’t, I’ll kill you. Definitely date’, and they actually did, is just ridiculous. 

This time also, it’s true that I am very close with Najin’s Lee Suk Jin. However, I have absolutely no acquaintance with ChoA. I simply greet her if I see her at the broadcasting station, and that’s all. This is fact.

Finally, the saddest thing is that ‘Why do I always get tied in in other people’s dating rumors..’, if it were my own dating rumor, I’d say things like ‘Everyone, please cheer for our love and such and such..’, or ‘I should’ve told you in advance, I’m sorry and such and such’…. but this is… 

I’ll think positively, by saying that I’m glad I have another thing to reference on ‘A Hyung I Know’. #StupidKimHeeChul. 

Also, I was going to post pictures I took with (Girl’s Day’s) Yura and (TWICE’s) Momo from the premiere of ‘Life Bar’ and TWICE’s episode on ‘A Hyung I Know’, but if I post those, there will definitely be news reports going, ‘Kim Hee Chul’s bridge controversy: this time it’s Yura? Momo?’??”

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