KMazing – Shock with the title ? Yeah me too. Before getting on to the trending news as uncover by Koreaboo, we gotta tell you something. Celebrity Disease is a term that describe the condition of someone who is not a celebrity but acts like one, or a public figure who reached the stardom level and became arrogant and act super selfish.

TOP Marijuana case was a huge news about two or three month ago. So, the trainee who was together with TOP smoking the substance was doing Instagram live stream a few days ago. There she admit that she have this celebrity complex and call herself an attention wh*o*re

“I think I have the celebrity disease these days. When I’m going to the convenience store in front of my house, I wear a mask in case anyone recognizes me. I’m an attention wh*re. The more attention I get, the happier I am.”

— Han Seo Hee

She was criticized heavily for reacting like nothing happen and was the target of an angry fans of Big Bang who still keep on thinking that Han Seo Hee is the reason TOP strangled with this case. Later on, after her live stream she uploaded a picture with caption in thanking the fans for their support.

“I had no idea so many people would be showing so much interest. I’m quite proud but at the same time I can’t really explain what I’m feeling, but I also feel like I have bigger responsibilities now.

From now on, I’ll try my best to make a world where women can be confident. Thank you again. (tmi I can’t sleep because I’m so nervous, here’s an irrelevant kindergarten photo of me)”

— Han Seo Hee









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