KMazing – According to an insider from Apink Agency, the girl group received a death threat from unknown person. Responding to the report, Police have tighten the security in Apink’s Dormitory and their practice area to prevent anything bad happen to the girls. The police are still investigating the motive behind the death threat toward Apink.

Later on, the man who sent death threat toward Apink confess his motive behind the action through inteview with one of the foremost media in South Korea, OSEN. During the interview the person interest told the reporter that his action is more like protecting the member of Apink, because he thought that the action of their agency is reckless and irresponsible by giving permission for Apink member to go on a date with trainee for variety show.

“I did this because of the lack of response from the agency. I am a long time fan of Apink and do not actually wish to kill them. I called because I felt wronged after reading reports. I did not make death threats as a result of the agency suing me for malicious comments. I only called them twice and I did not in any way interfere with their jobs.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Apink for 6 years and spent a lot of my time and money on them. I felt betrayed watching them on a blind date with actor trainees, not even real actors. So I called their agency to complain and they just kept telling me they don’t know anything. This angered me and led me to call the police and make the death threat. I have no intention of turning myself in but do not with to cause Apink any harm either.” 

Apink’s youngest member Oh Hayoung later responded to the death threat toward them by tweeting her thought on the matter.

“Our pandas, our relatives and our company worried a lot about us due to some unfortunate events last night. When we first heard what was happening, we were alarmed and nervous. However, when we learned why these events happened, we actually felt kind of sorry…

We realized that our pandas were more worried with the situation so we focused on what was important. Our comeback is more important so we have started practicing again and working towards a great comeback. We will be very careful so don’t worry too much my pandas! ^^

We want to express our gratitude towards the Captain Q security firm employees and our company employees. We are very sorry for the situation and we hope this case gets resolved quick so our pandas can be worry-free.”

— Apink Hayoung

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