KMazing – After leaving, apparently the option of coming back to SNSD is not completely closed for Tiffany. There is this evident of from Sooyoung’s case where she will return to in order to go on promotoin with SNSD again. This is seems to be happening to Tiffany too. She is rumored to be back together in a not distant future with a the group that has raised her name.

Quoting Koreaboo, the agency of SM Entertainment is rumored to be discussing with all the member including the one that left the agency in order to talk about the future of the grup. This is happening of course because of Tiffany, Seohyun, Sooyoung choosing to end their contract with the agency.

In the discussion, SM discussed SNSD’s plan to be ready for their comeback with full member, considering SNSD is very synonymous with 9 members.

Unfortunately, the SM has not leaked the detail about it, but this plan is immediately welcomed by their fans so fans can still see SNSD members in their full team. Meanwhile, Tiffany is currently busy with her solo activities. Former sweetheart of NickHun 2PM is indeed want to become an actress and expand her horizon in the US.