Hey there! It’s been a while since our last post and we are back with a huge content that’ll show you what is the best Korean/K-POP songs in the past two years (2016-2017). You guys are know recently K-POP is becoming more and more recognized to the whole world. Even to Europe and South America, they go crazy dancing and singing K-POP (see this example video). They even compete with best singers in the world like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and other singers in Billboard (for example BTS).

Maybe the reason is because K-POP songs are very catchy and iconic, so even there are no language barrier anymore.

In this list, you may find some K-POP songs that you’ve never seen before, but trust me, they are amazing.

Let’s go!

G-Dragon – Untitled, 2014

Let’s kick off our list with this sensational and emotional ballad presented by the omnipotent figure in K-Pop, Kwon Ji-yong aka G-Dragon. The song is the valid translation of breaking and hurt, the lyrics is super deep. GD didn’t just write any song, he successfully injected deep feeling inside every lyrics and melody of the song.  The leader of the Big Bang possessed a very lovely tone of voice which he really emphasizes on this particular song. The arrangement of the song is out of this world, he literally knit every single tone to fit the lyrics of the song. GD does release semi-ballad song such “That XX” and this is the upgraded version of melodic ballad song with GD’s voice and piano as the major instrument. His voice is the center in this song, GD sings in a very hurtful tone that sometimes you hear he just whisper and sigh. The dramatic melody accompany his voice perfectly depicting the drama or trouble in the lyrics. Through the song you will realize that, the pain is there, and this song just activated it. Even without knowing the lyrics you can feel the emotions. Great Song

Girls’ Day – I’ll Be Yours

TBH, the song didn’t quite satisfied the fans who has been waiting for their comeback. I’ll be yours start with the brass which is already out of date in my opinion but the later on the song salvage themselves when the members start on singing. The best part of the song is the chorus where the melody, beat and the voice of the members fit on perfectly orchestrated. If I push on to critics the song, I think the biggest impact on the song is when Min ah is singing, the other member didn’t give quite a boost for the song. All in all, it’s still pretty solid song.

Apink – Five

I hate to realize that Apink is not that experimental in their song, they keep on being on the boundary and rarely try new style just to break the boredom for a while – even tho it’s useless, since even with their usual concept and “similar” sounding song they achieved the status of one of the most respected K-Pop idol group -. This song started with synth and a bit of hard guitar sound accompanying it, but then the beat hit and suddenly it’s their usual repertoire again. I didn’t say that the song itself is not good since I enjoy it throughout the summer but it’s like listening to just another song from Apink. The chorus created for “Five” sound similar to “Luv” for me, but with a lil bit more loose and shake on the beat. I like it, but it’s not something new coming from Apink.

Highlight – Plz Don’t Be Sad

The song gather up the unusual material and composed it perfectly. Highlight start up under the new name – they used to be BEAST – with the best song possible out there. It got slightly oldies generation tempo on the inside but the high beat and carefree feel that grows on the song made it less audible. The chorus is a kill I should say, injecting happy virus to anyone who hear this even for their first time. One thing to note is that Plz Don’t Be Sad  got less controlled and loose the impact by the time you hear it for the second time. The melody is stalling there beaten by the fast beat and hyper feel of the other element.

EXID – Night Rather Than Day

EXID is changing their style, while sexiness is still in there somewhere but they completely trying new style. It sounds kinda calm for EXID because maybe we are used to “Up and Down”. I personally don’t know if this is just me but I think I hear 24K Magic Bruno Mars somewhere in the song. All in all, it’s good to see a new style rather than clinging to one hit song and recreate the beat over and over. It’s a new thing for some people but for me, this is good.

Pristin – Wee Woo

As new rookie group, Wee Woo can’t get any better for them. This song successfully provide Pristin their position as the power rookie group in K-Pop. The song is solid with all like-able material from the trend in K-Pop music produced for the line of girl group. Disco-esque beat style that shadowing from the start to the end of the piece clearly solidify more identity for the newbies. The song is all good for me except the fact that the chorus is creating less impact than the “wee woo” part. Good debut song for the rookies !

Monsta X – Beautiful

Loud and hard. Beautioful takes exactly two second to take off and punch the listener. Heavy electronic sound that create synchronized noise is perfectly help the member of the group to shine while rapping or singing their part of the song. The chaotic feel goes down as the chorus is coming, to perfectly portrayed a real roller-coaster bad-ass kind of feeling to dignify Monsta X’s status. Despite the fact that Beautiful emphasize on the energy and bad-ass character, this aria fail to attract the listener and create an deep impact for the listener. Smartly produced song but it’s kinda song that you don’t want to put on a loop.

Taeyeon – Fine

I love how the calm and intimate feeling created on the start of the song, where you can only hear Taeyeon clear voice with acoustic guitar as the guide. The pattern continues until the chorus comes up and finally you can hear the trademark voice that made Taeyeon famous. It’s not openly new style and inventive kinda song TBH and the only thing that distinguish this song from the other on the market is just her voice, the other thing ? too common.

KARD – Don’t Recall

Slowly crapping up your groove, Don’t Recall adopt the trendy tropical beat that have been overly used in a beautiful and compact way. The chorus hit at the perfect point to increase the blow of piece. Each member shine individually as far as the song goes. Even tho the song is less catchy than the infamous Oh Nana, Don’t Recall perfectly captured another perfect side of the new face in K-Pop. The tones set by the two lead vocalist clearly differ them from most of the group in K-Pop. One thing to note is that the song have that kinda hanging feeling, I don’t know why and how but the stall is clearly there.

IKON – Bling Bling

Bling Bling hit up with this loud brass sound as the back bone of the song which in my opinion is quite solid, but the interchange between part shared by the member is not smooth at all. at one poin it sound nice in several part while the other part sounds generic and as if it was coming from second-tier production. Bobby and BI dominate the song but not in good way I guess, because they kinda trump the other in every bit of the lyric. In my opinion, Bling Bling failed to solidify their status as one of the power rookies in K-Pop. The song itself is good but it need smoother transition and fair spotlight between the members.

Jung Eun Ji – Hopefully Sky

It’s almost the perfect modern ballad song. Eun Ji’s vocal is the key here with the element of folk nostalgia that is very thick throughout the song which in the end boost the vocal of Eun Ji to a whole new level. The melody of the song which utilizes both electronic and acoustic instrument settle in perfectly to give the song perfect harmony. The only thing that lack of this sing is the hook, the hook is kinda weak for this kind of pretty melody-song but all another factor of the song is so good that you can’t possibly get tired to listen to this song. The deep meaning inside the lyric is adding more and more impact for the song, through the simple yet hearty lyric, Eun Ji successfully deliver the ultimate song.

Block B – Yesterday

Block B is coming back with “Yesterday” which to summarize in one word is tremendous. It starts with this punchy rock feel and the chorus part that create huge impact on the song to start with. Kicking of with that kind of impact might bore the listener but Block B smoothly giving transition in between the part of the melody to keep on the hype produced in the start. Yesterday might kinda feel repetitive since it gave a little gap between the the changing beat. The energy provider song elevate little by little but never reach the peak that create the boundary between great and good song.

NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb

The only point that hit the listener directly is the start of the song with famous catchphrase and hard down beat. The song guide the member and not the other way, the NCT 127 member engulfed inside the part of piece and failed to produce their shine moment as far as the tunes goes. The chop hard down beat that live inside the song is the only key component that hold the music together. It’s not blatantly good music as per se since the talent of the member buried deep inside the catchy and rumbling beat.

Urban Zakapa – Alone

Loner assemble here ! this song is for us guys *sad*. The wide spectrum of musicality and capability of each member is tested on this very song. The song is exceptionally simple but brought meaningful lyric and accompany it by knitting it with the voice of very talented member of Urban Zakapa. If you decide to listen to this song, try to enjoy it without focusing on the lyric first, because the sensation of being alone clearly pictured inside the melody and their voices.

Seventeen – Don’t Wanna Cry

I barely know this group, so I have less expectation on their music, but the more and more I hear this song, the more I realized that there are still so much to explore in K-Pop. This very song took the path of a very western composition in it *try to listen it without the lyric, you will get what I mean* but at the end the K-Pop style capped of and stamped it perfectly. Don’t Wanna Cry took it times to warm you up, and when the chorus that is so full of smoothly orchestrated synth sound drop, the song hit another level flying off from just another song in K-Pop toward one of the best song produced ever by the group.

Bolbbalgan4 – Hard to Love

I get quite emotional during this song. *what else do you need to know about the song guys?* The feeling and the pain of being lonely due to the end of relationship is very strong on this one. The way she sing is making the pain of distance past coming back and travel through time. Trailing echo after every word enlarge the painful feeling delivered by the simple melody and the singer voice. The song itself put on repeat with the exception of elevating key in the second part, but since the emotional impact of the song is leaking to the absolute point, it’s hard to notice the repetition. It’s a very emotionally graded song. Please Come Back to Me~

Winner – Really Really

Upon listening the music for the first time, the beat and the music started like another Justin Bieber type of work which is nice, but then the vocal comes up and everything’s changed and at that moment you realized that “Aha, this is the new Winner“. Seungyoon’s voice create an impact and lift up the song every time he sing. the “really really” part is clinging after several times you listen to it and it is good. it’s transition time for Winner after the departure of Tae Hyun and continue as four-member group.

Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely

Why So Lonely proved that Wonder Girls is still at that very top of K-Pop group hierarchy. This tunes adopted reggae genre and 70’s synth pop style which is by far the most unique combination that I have ever heard in K-Pop. The song delivered in new concept of band and the tone throughout the piece emphasize on the feeling of being lonely which unequivocally put on by the member. The groove here is addicting to the point of where you need to replay it again and again, but TBH the song is a bit too laid back and lack zenith point to drag on the familiarity of public.

B1A4 – A Lie

B1A4 for me is that kind of group that have their their own color in their music, maybe because the leader Jinyoung *which famously known as good composer – he even produced for several other group and OST* developed his own style while making their song. Anyway A Lie is interestingly weird because the beat and the tempo drop down so fast you barely can categorize the song in ballad or dance column. The start with electronic beat take on the hip vibe but when the chorus come, the instrumental background comes in and swept in everything, the transition is so smooth it create a gap of awesomeness.

AOA – Excuse Me

Excuse Me is full pack of sleek combination of their past hit such as Heart Attack and Like a Cat. Synth background beat combine with the vocal of the member is becoming the trademark of AOA plus the boost they got from the genius producer such as Brave Brother is another plus point for their awaited comeback. Choa part for me is the crucial note in this song, the “excuse me” part which sound repetitive and one note-ish is broke away the moment she start singing providing new dynamic toward the already giddy song. If there are one thing that not worth to be in this song is the rap part, for me it ruined the harmony of the piece and a bit too sluggish to be squeezed inside already good song.

t Yoon Mirae – Always (Descendants of The Sun OST)

The already famous Descendants of The Sun is coupled with this song create atomic blast in the public domain, the series itself stand tall with all the dynamic and plot, but Always is as remarkable as the series itself. t Yoon Mirae start the piece adopting poetry reading style singing style  accompany by soft sound of piano and acoustic guitar. The dreamy start build up the tension and recreated the picture of the plot on the series. The tempo might be staying put in the range but the lyrics and the chord lift off when the chorus hit. This song is the closest reincarnation of the plot in the series. Great Song

CLC – Hobgoblin

Putting on the most impact-creator part on the start of the song can be quite risky if not followed by the same quality of beat, music and harmony part after that. CLC execute what in my opinion the good music that break them through the barrier of just another-K-Pop-group. The best moment of the song is the chorus with the heavy beat and maybe a lil bit of trap music in there. Anyway Hobgoblin is full of energy since the start plus the chorus came at the right moment to save the drop induce by other part of the song. Hobgoblin is a good combination between rap and singing music, but the transition between those two is somehow a lil bit raw for my taste. It’s a very good piece in the end if they can iron out the little wrinkle in the transition.


2NE1 – Goodbye

The involvement of 2NE1’s song in this list is to commemorate their long astounding career as one of the most respected girl group in K-Pop history. This very song can’t be the measurement material as the other famous piece that this group has released is far more impose in dynamic and provide more identity on the name of 2NE1. Goodbye is the typical farewell song chaperon with guitar string and soft melody provide by piano. For me, the instrumental play big part in this song by portraying the chaotic feeling inside the head and heart of their fans while receiving the disbandment news.

GOT7 – Never Ever

In the term of providing the same force as Hard Carry, Never Ever is even more skillfully crafted and giving much more impact as it’s predecessor. The song adopted R&B and hip hop embodied with a bold sound and beat. The best part of the song is the hook which transcend from simple electro beat to elevated dubstep style with wide bass. The only downside is that the beat is getting too much in the way the melody work, the member sound like only playing with the beat and not the harmony of the music itself.

GFriend – Rough

Glass bead and Me Gustas Tu are the songs that put GFriend on the map of K-Pop, and Rough solidify their status as one of  the most well-known group. The dreamy start give a bit glimpse on how the chorus is going to be, and yet again GFriend delivered the harmony perfectly. The sound of the string and guitar solo really take the song to the next level proving GFriend status in K-Pop. For me personally, this canticle is their catchiest song and the girls keep on elevating the hype until the end of the song. Masterpiece !

TWICE – Knock Knock

Our list will never be completed without the appearance of this Super Rookie several time. For starter, Knock Knock is the basic song to know TWICE, it’s like getting on the level one charm of TWICE member. Nothing really stand out or come up as twist as the other song from TWICE such as TT or Cheer Up, but this song really put on emphasize toward the skill of every member adequately. Synth as usual play huge role in driving the flow of the song with a lil bit old music touch inside the melody which recalculated in modern way. As I said before, this song is their charm and musicality level one. You may expect them to appear more and more toward our top of the rank.

Red Velvet – Rookie

I follow Red Velvet music closely, since the first time they debuted I feel like their music keep on changing direction with no settled identity on focus point. Sometimes even goes beyond he boundary and try something quite experimental. In Rookie, I think SM Ent. finally found the exact point where the can enhance the charm and skill of Red Velvet’s member, this piece could be the crucial point for their career, because their new song which titled Red Flavor somehow follow the path of Rookie‘s with enchanting percussion and stomping repetitive bass.

Chanyeol & Punch – Stay With Me (Goblin OST)

Goosebumps ! I still remember clearly the first time I listen to this song, FYI at that time I still didn’t know about Goblin due to my busy schedule, but this very song get me right through my heart. Everything about the song flow smoothly, Punch’s voice is perfect in telling the story buried deep inside the lyric. TBH I am quite worried that Chanyeol will kinda ruin the harmony of the grandeur song but boy, I am so wrong. His voice compliment the voice of Punch perfectly, even his rap came right at the time when the song almost fall into boredom. Grand song for Grand Television Series.

Sistar – I Like That

This is not the kinda of song you expect from Sistar. They usually follow the path of “summer party” concept which is fresh and sexy at the same time. I Like That have that dark-ish and enclosed approach which is unusual for Sistar. The good thing is, the song is a great one, accompanied by saxophone style brass, the music live up to the good name of Sistar. The hook is jolting your soul from the first time you hear the tunes. The girls is also doing great job injecting more kick in bringing the best out of the song.

Bolbbalgan4 – Tell Me You Love Me

I get to know this group via the list of ballad song that I wrote for this site. I love like really love her voice, the main vocal *Ahn Ji Young*. She has that unique voice that attract listener and fall for her voice completely. This song is the hidden title *should I say* of their album, it’s super catchy and cute at the same time. Tell Me You Love Me didn’t exactly start as typical lovely song due to the lyric deliverance which follow diary-esque type, but still I kinda like it. The chorus did the magic for it, plus the lyric is in English which form a solid bump for the song.

Ailee – I Will Go to You Like The First Snow (Goblin OST)

Another OST that perfectly decrypted the pain of character inside the story. For me a good OST need to have two factor, first, by listening to the song, the listener can know perfectly where is this song is being played and what plot does the series is currently on. The second factor is, even if you don’t know the story of the series, the song can relate through the music, and these factors awesome fulfilled by this music from Ailee. The song is template for longing and pain of losing feeling, as with other ballad chorale, this song is also accompanied by piano and string for the backbone of the music. Nothing out of ordinary from another ballad, but I guess I Will Go to You Like The First Snow getting that big lift due to the popularity of the series itself.


Taeyeon – Make Me Love You

Echo style of deliverance of lyrics become the point in this song I guess. For me, the song start a bit bland for my taste and way to slow to reach the peak that we expect from Taeyeon, but this song is all about the chorus. The chorus is grandeur composition of epic feel and cinematic synth. Even though the melody sound flat for me, but every time the chorus jump, the song change it’s level at that instant.


Aha ! I did tell you that we are gonna meet again with TWICE here for several time. For me TT is where you can hear and enjoy the next level of TWICE’s charm. The song start with their usual well crafted musical kinda feel which is great. The key point in TWICE key toward their success is their quirkiness, TBH they don’t have that high level of singing capabilities nor the swag to expose to but the quirkiness and light yet impactful lyric is becoming their own tag. One thing to note that is missing is the blow from the chorus is rather weak on this one. Overall, it’s a great song and nice one to enjoy.

KARD – Oh Na Na

This unique co-ed group start to garner attention through this piece, their first pre-debut song which in my opinion is best one yet in their repertoire. I love how the female member voice is far more mature that your usual K-Pop mucic, which added more depth toward the song itself. The tropical house which is still a trend is basically the core of this song. The Oh NaNa part is directly genius for me, they refrain in using an exact word to give an emphasize toward the music, in my opinion create more harmony than putting in word there. It’s clearly a good an ingenious approach toward the new horizon for K-Pop but one thing that lack from this song, I do feel like this piece is the female member song featuring two rappers. The rap is far from giving any jolt for the listener to enjoy this song, but Hey ! this is their debut song and for a debut song this is one hell of a start ! two thumbs up.

Blackpink – Whistle

The long awaited new girl group, the one who will takeover the road paved by their sunbae, 2NE1 debuted with this song, Whistle. The song is quite sketchy to the max, you can’t clearly get any highlight except for the chorus which built around the title of the song itself. Whistle in overall is super good and enchanting as expected from Teddy. He also added his usual boosted bass beat that increase the charismatic aspect of the girls. Other than the chorus consisted whistle sampling the song is creating less jounce. Fortunately, the member comes up on top and got their shining moment exactly right at the right moment. This song fall into “normal” song produced by YG Ent, but the member did their job impeccably to shoot Whistle into the fame they received now.

Zico – Bermuda Triangle

Everytime Zico switch off his Block B side, he became this swag hit-maker musician which throw out every boundary and step into the exploration of his own musicality. One of the most famous work from him in my opinion is this song, Bermuda Triangle. He brought his friend to boost the vocal with Dean and the one and only Crush who also joining him. This song is the zenith point of Zico’s composing ability yet, the dynamic deliveries from each of the artist create such rough yet soft harmony throughout the song. It’s quite new territory for Zico himself since he usually rap on more fresh and bubbly topic and theme. The music is good but the artist is excellent, they outdone the music and stand up as the sole attraction from the song.

BTS – Spring Day

The biggest K-Pop international breakthrough, the label doesn’t come up without reason. Every music that BTS released is creating ripple effect in the K-Pop music industry. The performance of the members is absolute astonishing in every song. This piece particularly crafted with care and delivered smoothly by the usual-swag style member of BTS. Gorgeous melody and vocal skill melt down as Spring Day made their way as one of the best song of the year that BTS’s released. The flat instrumental tunes is getting boost from melancholic voice of the member, great song !

Big Bang – Bae Bae

Yet another masterpiece from Big Bang, Bae Bae is mix compilation of creativity of the composer and the streamline of rhythm and dense beat. Opening up with GD’s rap lift the tunes to create more far energy than usual. The chorus hit on quickly and take the track to complete new life. Bae Bae act as mainstream experimental song for Big Bang and it serves them right as the song lift off since the first key is being played. The raw rap part of the piece actually paved the entry of the chorus to create the hook needed to spark interest of the listener.

PSY – New Face

Well, to be honest I kinda feel like this album or this particular song will be another effort to replicate Gangnam Style, but dear me I am so wrong on every level of it, it’s true that he is still hooking us up with one or two words in English during the climax part of the song but the it’s far from my low expectation. PSY delivered new paradigm in enjoying his music and New Face wrapped it up perfectly. The song perfectly showcase the power and energy of PSY-style with catchy dance tune and bombastic repetitive synthesizer feat rhythmic beat that is very addictive *plus the dab, don’t forget the dab*.

IU – Ending Scene

The ultimate ballad song. It’s hard to find any wrong component in this song. IU’s voice suits ballad perfectly. You can’t help but falling in love to this song, IU with her magical voice hypnotize and sway your conscience to fall deep inside the the combination of her vocal and instrument which create dynamic impact on the song. The song is very emotional, you can eliminate IU’s voice and still hear the emotion of song itself. This song crafted with real emotion and real feeling to create the perfect ballad song for the hurtful soul.

Bolbbalgan4 – Galaxy

The first time I heard this song, I was like umm, nothing is special from this track, then I hear the rap part which clearly exclude them from being average indie track with slow course in turning on the song. The power of Bolbbalgan4 in my opinion lies in the voice of Jiyoung that is fresh and youthful and also their lyric which is cute and simple. Galaxy tells the story of loving someone as much as the universe, it’s cliche and bit cringe but that’s what falling in love is I guess. The track keep on growing every time I listen to it.

Blackpink – Playing with Fire

Their debut song seems a bit too much emphasizing on the chorus rather than the whole song, but it’s all different case in this song. Playing with fire follow the trend by also adapting tropical house style but reinvented it in their unique color resulted in a very trendy and expertly crafted song. The electronic bubbly beat that keep on playing in the background supposed to be boring, but the composer of this song subtly render it to give on more smashup for the song. Conceptually speaking this song is the exact moment where finally 2NE1’s fans can accepted that BLACKPINK is taking on their favorite group legacy. The girls voice is super compact and boosting one another creating solid song to solidify their status as the monster rookie.

Bolbbalgan4 – Fight Day

Fight Day has a sad distressing breakup theme, but the packaging of the tunes is remarkable. It’s quite hard to accept that the instrumental arrangement plays big role on the intonation of the song itself since the voice of the singer also a dominant power throughout the track. Fight day sounds very determined and strong, the firm guitar chord help the song release fully functional execution which in theory quite confusing. The style of the song sound a bit like Taylor Swift’s song to me, that being said is maybe the reason why this strain is getting such a warm acceptance from the public in South Korea.

Taeyeon – 11:11

The ultimate folksy ballad song. There is nothing could be improved on this song, she delivers everything perfectly on this song. First, the construction of the music which include snap style guitar tune plus soft tingle of piano is cap with echo that keep on for more than 3/4 part of the song and the drum beat that provide slight yet smooth transition of the song. Second, Her vocals for this song is straight from the top shelf, she didn’t hit her usual high tone vocal as usual but rather play with the lyrics which deliver quake on emotional power, plus she did it perfectly in perfect moment. I played this song for a whole day when I first listen the song, it’s that enchanting and addictive. In my opinion, this song is Taeyeon’s best work yet.

IU – Palette

The song reflected IU’s condition perfectly, her freedom in musicality is clearly shown here.  She is evolving from this teenager with lovely dovey high pitched song toward more mature and sentimental young adult. “Palette” is soft-tune  slow pop-type of music with R&B spices on the side. IU knows herself really well and create a music that emphasize on her pure-voice. On one hand, the beat really match well with the soft pop accompanying IU’s crystal voice but the impact is not there yet even though IU make a good use of GD’s clear and rigid performance“Palette” is good beyond doubt, but it could have been better.

EXO – Monster

Monster’s bass line is the solid prove that this track is gonna take on the dark-ish concept. It gave the old fantasia feeling yet still dramatic by the insertion of melodic verse and chorus that full of likable hook. Effective rap part is the key in my opinion for this song, the positioning of the rap verse fire up Monster to unstable groundwork which stabilize when the part over creating after chaos effect which as exciting as hearing nice music during roller coaster ride. The wide range repertoire of EXO in this piece is an undeniable proof that they are still a very prominent figure in K-Pop industry.

Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang

It’s one of the song from Big Bang that is so ultimate, you almost can’t find any reason to hate the music. It’s flawlessly crafted that it’s hard not to feel the party vibe emitted from the track. Bang Bang Bang created what I called as awesome gap between the verse that is just there to increase the spark of the next part of the song. For some people this kind of gap is annoying as it kills the hook or even the momentum, but for me the form is so limber and deceptively simple to just sneak up on you to give real pleasure for our ear. I guess this song is one of the most colossal moment in Big Bang history.

Blackpink – As If It’s Your Last

I can see the gradual change and improvement every time BLACKPINK release their music, Whistle was okay-ish, Playing With Fire is good and Their new song titled As If It’s Your Last is their best piece until now. The concept change a little bit from swag and hip-hop kinda style toward more girly and sweet for this very particular song. It shows new horizon for their fans and perfectly portrayed their abilities in handling any concept and path that they need to. I kinda feel like that this song is intended to gather new fans and rack up popularity, because it does sounds like generic song but pack a powerful curveball trap music from the start. One thing that awe me is the chorus, smooth simplicity collaborated with summertime melody created explosive absolute tune for the summer.

TWICE – Cheer Up

This song is the anthem of K-Pop song in 2016, the ultimate mega hit that gave them the status of The New Queen of K-Pop. It’s all quirkiness which turn as the solidify factor in their growing popularity. The catchy chorus plus the “shy shy shy” part as pre-chorus take this track the status of the ultimate song of TWICE. Listening it for the first time, this song might sound typical K-Pop piece, but the more I research into it the more I can see little wiggle and hook that made this song unavoidable. Hook is playing vital role throughout the track and keep on melody and tunes as second-tier component as Cheer Up take the place as the anthem song of K-Pop in 2016.

BTS – Not Today

Even Pewdeipie loves this song, *hhe really go check out his YouTube Channel* . BTS since their success with recent release that take them to stardom with Dope and Fire released another hit song that is perfect in structural pattern. Not today combine melodic and hip hop that blast the fans into cinematic moment. No subtlety in this track, it boast their power, popularity, goals and throw it into gigantic track that grow into larger and larger scale by the time it reach the end of  the song. The approach for the song work like charm for the member as they have a huge scale of support to show their abilities in rapping or singing. Not Today is their best song that ultimately prove their status as one of the biggest star in K-Pop.

That’s it guys, are your favorite songs included in this list? Or do you know any other songs that should be included in this list? Put your comments below.