KMazing – After keep on teasing by releasing pre debut track, finally rookie monster, KARD released their mini debut album titled “Hola Hola”. The co-ed already worldwide level famous before even their debut, their music is especially well received in South America. KARD member who believe that the song and their choreography that make them success even before their debut.

Song Review

One word to summarize them all, Underwhelming. Their pre debut song, all have strong impact from the lyric goes on toward the dance, but this song is a bit on the lower grade for me. I do realized that they try to mix in all the three pre debut song into this song but it just ruin the new song completely for me. I am quite fond with their music since it’s new concept and the member musicality is quite good in my opinion. TBH I am quite upset when I heard it the first time, but am trying to be positive and try to listen to it several time, but still I can’t catch the same groove they provide in Oh Nana or Don’t Recall. The song could have been much better if they are not trying to hard to accompany the previous song into this one.

Music Video Review

Maybe because they are quite famous and well received in America, they try to associate the song closely toward the tropical house trend. Objectively speaking, the choreography is good *as good as usual expected coming from KARD* the concept of the music video is also thoroughly loose, so it’s nothing to be criticized about. The cast is enjoying their time in Las Vegas -ish places and clearly having a good time.