It’s undeniable fact that Girls Generation is the best girl group in the history of idol in South Korea with numerous record and awards crafted under their name. Girls’ Generation have been in the industry for 10 years and they are preparing for comeback for their 10th anniversary.

It was Sooyoung who sit down with Sport DongA and discuss the 10th anniversary album and accomplishment of the group. She told the story of the importance of hardwork and the struggle the have until they reached the top including winning Daesang and having a world tours on their own.  When asked about the strength of Girls’ Generation, she answered “We try to copy one another’s good qualities. If one works hard then other members do too. It also gives a good influence (to all) when one does a good deed. Greeting others well is also our strength. Overall, we have a ‘hungry mind’ because we didn’t become hits at once. We also know the importance of popularity.”

In conjugation with Sooyoung,  Yoona on entertainment weekly that air in 15 april episode gave a confirmation over Girls’ Generation preparation for their 10th anniversary album. She said “My next drama will air sometime during the summer, but August is Girls’ Generation’s 10th debut anniversary so I think you’ll be able to see me before then.”

Are you ready for the 10th anniversary album of Girls’ Generation?