The Best Underrated K-POP Songs

Hello again guys, after more than 1 month since my last post, finally i write again.

This time i’m going to discuss about some underrated K-pop songs of all time that i found very catchy, tasty, and awesome. Maybe some of you guys have heard about it before.

Well, actually its really unfortunate for them to be underrated even though their songs are not bad at all. I think maybe it just happened because a lot of factors like the tightness of competition in kpop world, their strategy to promote the song, etc.

Anyway, here are the songs, hope you like it.

But By the way, i want to inform you that i don’t rank this list. So number doesn’t mean anything. First doesn’t mean the best and last doesn’t mean the worst.

Lets get started.

Spica – Tonight

First i have Spica. Maybe some of you already know them, because Spica is a bit famous as being underrated. Why? Because their songs are amazing, but they don’t get a lot of recognition and fame like other girl groups.

I think maybe they can reach the same level as A-Pink or Girls Day, but unfortunately not.

Here is their song.

Spica – Tonight

Spica – Ghost

Still Spica. Actually i knew Spica from around 2 years ago. But i didn’t take a lot of interests to them and didn’t get a chance to hear their songs. But around 3-4 months ago when i was just randomly surfing in youtube, i found them and finally hear their songs.

That time i thought they are not bad at all, but then i realized that they are so underrated. Hopefully they’ll comeback soon and gain more recognition.

Here is their song “Ghost”.

Spica – Ghost

Glam – Party XXO

Next i got Glam right here. Among other girl groups, i think Glam is one of the most unique group i’ve ever know. Because their songs sound a bit different compared to other groups song. In my opinion, their songs sound a bit like American songs (cmiiw).

Try this, the song is amazing. But again unfortunately they are underrated.

Glam – Party XXO

Glam – I Like That

Another Glam’s song. I’ve known Glam since their debut which is in 2012 with their Party XXO. Then in january 2013 they released their new song “I Like That”. And again i think this song also very unique like Party XXO.

But unfortunately in the end of 2014, one of their members Da Hee got tangled up in a problem with mega actor Lee Byung Hun for extortion case. After that I heard Da Hee went to jail and the group was disbanded.

But i still adore their song. Here is “I Like That”.

Glam – I Like That

C-real – Sorry but I

Have you ever heard about them before? I’m sure many of you haven’t. I accidentally found them in 2012 through surfing in youtube. I think this group is the most underrated group among the others.

Yeah they are underrated because their songs are amazing, especially “Sorry But I”. I wonder why this song is unfamous event thougn this song is a great Korean ballad songs.

I’ve heard from the news that they are in hiatus right now, but the agency said that they’ll come back soon (i hope). They also have changed their line up. From 5 members to 3.

Here is their song, enjoy it, really tasty.

C-real – Sorry but I

Wings – Hair Short

Next i have wings with “Hair Short”. I found them in 2014 when they just debuted and let me tell you guys, i’m really amazed with their song, and feel really really unfortunate because they didnt get a lot of fame and recognition they deserve. They supposed to get more than that.

Wings consist of 2 girls Ye Seul (the leader) and Na Yeon (the one that i think is similar with Han Ye Seul).

I hope they’ll come back soon with another amazing songs.

Wings – Hair Short

Robin hoon – Amaze Me

Next up is Robin Hoon with the song “Amaze Me” that collaborate with two female singers Ellie and Anna.

At first I didn’t know who Robin Hoon actually, but after i saw and heard the video clip, it looks like Robin Hoon is a DJ. Because in the song sounded the strains that we often hear in the club or discotheque, but beside there are discos music, the song is combined with pop music and ballad, so it’s really amazing and anti-mainstream.

And again, even though the song is great and unique, yet they don’t gain so much fame. Thus I consider this song as underrated song and put it up here.

Enjoy the song.

Robin Hoon – Amaze Me

The Ark – The Light

Next there is The Ark with the song “The Light” coming out around the beginning of the year 2015.

There may be some of you who would cry after hearing this song because the video clip is enough to touch your heart or even to make you cry even though we may not understand the meaning of the lyrics, that’s the great thing about k-pop. There are no language barrier.

Anyway, this is their song. Enjoy and don’t cry.

The Ark – The Light

Berry Good – Because Of You

The first time I know Berry Good was in early 2015 with the song “Because Of You”, but actually they have already begun to debut from 2014.

I think this song is light, relaxing, and definitely tasty. But as all of you know Berry Good are not too famous and didn’t get much recognition.

Here’s Berry Good’s song “Because Of You”.

Berry Good – Because Of You

15& – Silly Boy

Hmm.. its name is indeed quite weird, 15 &. This group came from JYP agency consisting of a vocalist duo that each has different sound character, they are Park Ji Min and Beak Ye Rin.

Jimin has a strong and awesome voice character while Yerin has sweet and soft voice character.

If i asked to choose between the two, I would certainly choose Yerin because I like the sweet and soft voice character more.

This one is a very tasty song to hear. Enjoy.

15& – Silly Boy

Those are kpop songs that I think are underrated and is very good, and I’ll update if necessary.

How was that guys? Do you guys also know kpop songs which also underrated but not included above? Share it in comments below.