Next month going to be full of comeback, after PSY confirmed his comeback for May, now the mega-popular girl group TWICE is gearing up for their comeback next month. According to the report TWICE has just finished the recording for their new music video for their comeback.

It’s been only three months since the release of “Knock Knock” in February where the album sold 266,645 units in February 2017.  The new song will be emphasizing on all members’ unique appeal and it’s going to be the first time for TWICE to be working with their Founder, the legendary Park Jin Young (JYP) where he will be personally involved in the process of producing TWICE’s comeback song.

TWICE is on a whole different level right now, their popularity is increasing by day, after their successful concert in Bangkok, the girls of TWICE is set to visit Sinapore for their TWICELAND Concert. TWICE will be very busy in the incoming months, because beside releasing their album in Korea next month, the group also scheduled to make their debut in Japan on June. Their first showcase in Japan will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on July 2. Within their hectic schedule, TWICE will also promoting their album in variety show, the first variety show TWICE’s member is scheduled to visit will be “I Can See Your Voice” Season 4, where the girls already finished their recording for their guest appearance on April 26.

Once over the globe really concern about the health condition of TWICE member, because after Nayeon problem with her throat and Jihyo problem with her knees, TWICE never stop promoting or holding concert. The condition made fans expressed their worries as the girls might be overworked.





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