KMazing – Currently KPop’s entertainment world is experiencing very rapid development. It’s no wonder that many entertainment agencies in Korea have debuted lots of idol groups and solo artists from their companies. This is expected since the debuting of a group mean potential large income for the agencies and as the Hallyu wave still going strong, it’s no wonder that these companies will keep on debuting rookie groups. Here is the list of 10 K-Pop boy groups that have earned the highest total revenue in the last ten years. Easy, if your bias is not here, maybe you will see them in our part two.

Wanna One

Lots of us will think that it will be kinda impossible for a project group to take on this prestigious title. Well for a starter, the income made by Wanna One in 2018 is predicted to be higher than the Big Hit Entertainment’s worldwide famous boy group, BTS. Wanna One is writing a new history in K-Pop as the only rookie boy band who got super ultra famous before even making their debut.

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The popularity of Wanna One is evidenced by the income they earn. The group collected 17 million US dollars in just 2 months after making their debut. Wanna One, who just debuted last year, managed to collect hundreds of billions of dollars from advertisements, albums, concerts, and merchandise sales.


This boyband was formed from the “Who Is Next” survival event as Team B. Being in the same agency with BIGBANG, iKON has earned more than 7.9 billion won in a year since its debut in 2015. Their biggest income comes from concerts in Japan involving a total of 140,000 spectators. Slowly but surely they are ready to become the successors of BIGBANG.

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Debuting in 2015, Seventeen managed to contribute up to 75 percent of revenue for their agency. Seventeen is the main source of income for Pledis Entertainment before the company debuted the new girl group PRISTIN. With their tour in many countries, albums and merchandise, the boy group make more than 30 million dollars a year.


Just as Seventeen is prominent in their agency, INFINITE is also the king of income for Wollim Entertainment. Since their debut until now, INFINITE has earned around 10 million dollars from concerts and albums. About 490 thousand dollars alone were generated by INFINITE from album sales.

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Meanwhile, income from starring in advertisements roughly reached the level of 777 thousand dollars. Since 2012 until now, INFINITE has experienced a very rapid career development.

Super Junior

One of the legendary boy groups from SM Entertainment has managed to earn around 26.4 million dollars a year. From Super Junior to Super Junior M’s sub-unit, the group predicted to have made more than 30 million dollars from concerts, albums, and merchandise. Having fans who are known to be loyal, ELF is almost always become the main source of income for Super Junior everytime they are making their comeback.

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They are also ready to help Super Junior to win the charts every week on the music shows. That certainly helped SM Entertainment to get a lot of money from Super Junior. No wonder they become one of the biggest assets of SM Entertainments until now.