Top 10 Best K-Pop Boy Groups of 2018


KMazing  – The popularity of a Boyband can be seen from how many fans that are faithfully supporting them. How many fan club or how big the fandom is. In South Korea, the popularity of a group depends on the reaction of their fans toward the member of the group. The bigger the group’s fandom, the bigger the album sales and the faster the concert tickets go sold out. Because not a few of the fans were willing to spend their money to buy many albums at the same time from their favorite idol group. Well, enough with chit-chat here are KMazing’s top 10 Best K-Pop Boyband of 2018.


The entry of JYP Entertainment into the Big Three seems to have been very suitable because every group the company produced is always successful in the market. Recently they managed to debut their newest boy group, Stray Kids. The group consists of nine members namely Chan Chan, Hyunjin, Lee Know, Changbin, Woojin, Felix, Han, Seungmin, and I.N.

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Even at the beginning of its appearance, Stray Kids has become trending on Twitter. The music video for District 9 is also included in trending lists in various countries. In addition, Stray Kids broke the record for the most viewers in 24 hours, 4,274,649 views. This achievement defeated the record held by Wanna One with 4,034,795 views for their debut, Energetic.



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