KMazing  – The popularity of a Boyband can be seen from how many fans that are faithfully supporting them. How many fan club or how big the fandom is. In South Korea, the popularity of a group depends on the reaction of their fans toward the member of the group. The bigger the group’s fandom, the bigger the album sales and the faster the concert tickets go sold out. Because not a few of the fans were willing to spend their money to buy many albums at the same time from their favorite idol group. Well, enough with chit-chat here are KMazing’s top 10 Best K-Pop Boyband of 2018.


The entry of JYP Entertainment into the Big Three seems to have been very suitable because every group the company produced is always successful in the market. Recently they managed to debut their newest boy group, Stray Kids. The group consists of nine members namely Chan Chan, Hyunjin, Lee Know, Changbin, Woojin, Felix, Han, Seungmin, and I.N.

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Even at the beginning of its appearance, Stray Kids has become trending on Twitter. The music video for District 9 is also included in trending lists in various countries. In addition, Stray Kids broke the record for the most viewers in 24 hours, 4,274,649 views. This achievement defeated the record held by Wanna One with 4,034,795 views for their debut, Energetic.


The next K-Pop boy band that is ruling the year of 2018 is PENTAGON. The nine members, E’Dawn, Jin-ho, Wooseok, Kino, Hong-Seok, Hui, One, Yuto, Shinwon, and Yan An, they succeeded in following the success of their brother from the Cube, BTOB. Their new song titled “Shine” successfully entered the Top100 chart.

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According to their loyal fans, Shine did continued to rise until it was ranked 67th in the Chart. Besides that, “Shine” is also very popular among idols. The song has been covered by Wanna One, Twice, DAY6, K.A.R.D, and many more. While other idols like EXID, Kim Chung Ha, NCT, and Monsta X even recommended “Shine” to their loyal fans. This achievement is certainly remarkable, especially if we look at their debut that is fairly recent.


NCT is one of the SM core groups that has attracted public attention since its debut. This group has its own uniqueness, consisting of eighteen members which are divided into three different subs, namely NCT 127, NCT-U, and NCT Dream. The eighteenth NCT member is also unique. In 2018, NCT successfully listed its name as the first Kpop group to successfully enter the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart.

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The Emerging Artist Chart is a new chart on Billboard to give recognition to artists who often appear on various Billboard charts and call them artists who are developing and must be considered by music lovers. In addition, NCT 127 has also successfully won an award as the ‘Asia Rising Star Award’.


This Cube Entertainment’s boy group seems to be increasingly showing its influence in the South Korean music industry. Famously known as one of the groups that are super friendly to their fans makes BTOB increasingly loved by the community. In early 2018, the boy group consisting of Minhyuk, Eunkwang, Hyunsik, Changsub, Ilhoon, Peniel, and Sungjae was appointed as Tourism Ambassadors by KTO or the Korea Tourism Organization. Thanks to the popularity of this group, they also were brandished as one of the models for the advertisement of a famous South Korean cosmetics brand along with actress Lee Sae Yoon.

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Although SHINee had a difficult time after the death of one of their members, Jonghyun, the popularity of the group is still thoroughly reserved. Jonghyun’s suicidal leaves a deep sorrow for the Shawol and also the South Korean music industry. But the good news is, the remaining members, Key, Onew, Minho, and Temin agreed to continue to promote under the name SHINee even without Jonghyun.

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Recently, to celebrate their 10-year career they released a new album titled “The Story Of Light” which managed to get many “firsts” win in the music programs and charts. In 2018, after 10 years of this group career, SHINee successfully listed their name on the Japan Oricon Chart. Oricon announced that SHINee’s Japanese album, The Best From Now On, dominated for a quite long time. When it was released, The Best From Now On album also topped the weekly physical and digital album charts.


It’s just wrong not to include iKOn as one of the best boy group in 2018. The idol group from by YG Entertainment, which was hosted by B.I, Jinhwan, Bobby, Yunhyeong, Junhoe, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo, achieved great success this year. Since starting the comeback with Love Scenario that becomes the symbol of domination of iKON on various charts in various countries. Love Scenario gets the title of the song that reaches the most of Perfect All-Kill, which is staying 137 consecutive hours. The song beat the previous record of 136 hours held by IU and Park Myungsoo with Leon.

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After a few months, iKON is making another comeback with Killing Me then followed by Goodbye Road. Through Killing Me, this group managed to top the charts in 24 countries. Even their latest song titled Goodbye Road did manage to surpass the last song’s record by topping the iTunes album charts in 25 countries. In addition to these achievements, IKON also had the opportunity to become one of the act at the closing ceremony of the Asian Games in Jakarta.


The male group formed by Pledis Entertainment is one of the vocal groups with a huge number of members. Seventeen debuted in 2015 with thirteen members, each of them divided into three different units. The division of units is based on their respective expertise, Wonwoo, S.Coups, Vernon, and Mingyu belong to the hip-hop unit. Jeonghan, Woozi, DK, Joshua, and Seungkwan all of them are included in the vocal unit. Lastly, Hoshi, The8, Jun, and Dino were included in the unit performance, they were indeed very talented in dancing.

Last February, Seventeen make their comeback with single titled “Director’s Cut” which successfully topped the album charts for the second week of February. Not only does it excel in South Korea, but this boy group also carries on their achievements abroad. Their special album successfully occupied the Top iTunes album rank of a total 29 countries. The group under Pledis Entertainment is also successfully be named as one of the best K-Pop groups by Time Magazine.


Born from the Survival Produce 101 program, Wanna One was planned to be short-term group for the chosen member but that doesn’t mean that the group consisting of Kang Daniel, Lee Dae-Hwi, Park Ji-hoon, Ong Seong-wu, Kim Jae-hwan, Lai Kuan-lin, Park Woo-jin, Hwang Min-Hyun, Yoon Ji-sung, Ha Sung-Woon, and Bae Jin-young cant’ achieve extraordinary achievements. At the beginning of their appearance, this boy group has succeeded in attracting thousands of honorable award.

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Making their debut at the Geocheok SkyDome with 20 thousand spectators, Wanna One has been set to flower road since their first debut. For almost a year starting from 2017 they have won the Best New Arrivals Group with the sales of 1 million albums, and so on. Until 2018, there have been at least 29 products that have been advertised by Wanna One, including those which only just some of the member that becomes the model. As a result, Wanna One’s income was abundantly positive for them and their respective agency.


It’s impossible to draft the list without including EXO. This supergroup will always be the subject of conversation whenever the make a comeback. During 2018 they have done many things such as completing tours and being involved in other important events. Earlier last year the “Power” song was chosen as the accompanying song at Dubai Fountain, while also becoming one of the performers in the Closing Ceremony of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic. EXO also received a commemorative medal from The Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation (KOMSCO).

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The latest song was also chosen as one of the songs to be played in the World Cup stadium. Towards the comeback date, EXO also collaborated with Samsung to release the Galaxy Note 9 EXO special edition, as a result, this gadget sold out in an instant. This proves that even if the group was not in their promotion period, they still excel. FYI, the wait is already over and EXO has released their new song, Tempo. Go check them out!


The buzz about BTS seems like it will never end, the group make their debut from a small agency but now achieved such a tremendous success. The Big Hit Entertainment that was once considered on lower class is now becoming one of the most prominent agencies in South Korea. The boy band hosted by RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Jungkook managed to penetrate the global market. Their world concert always gets great attention and the ticket, of course, is always sold out in just seconds.

To further improve their success, BTS also did some collaboration work with several world-class musicians such as Steve Aoki and Niki Minaj. The great success recorded by BTS in 2018 is basically founded on their new song “IDOL” which gather up to 56 million viewers in 24 hours. This is what drives BTS’s “IDOL” songs to become the most watched video clips for 24 hours on Youtube. The achievement beats the record previously held by Taylor Swift with 43 million views. IDOL has also become a trending topic in various countries and has topped a number of global music charts.