KMazing – You can’t just claim to be a Kpopers if you have never watched the variety show from the Ginseng country. There are various kinds of famous variety shows ranging from We Got Married, Running Man, King Masked Of Singer and Knowing Brother. For those of you who like the program with a romantic theme, We Got Married can be the absolute choice for you. The event carries the theme of marriage life which is full of romantic scenes.

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But if you like light and entertaining humor programs then you must and must watch Knowing Brother. A variety shows that air on JTBC with 7 cast members that are guaranteed to successfully make you ROFL. Kang Ho-dong, Seo Jang-hoon, Kim Young-Chul, Lee Soo-Geun, Kim Hee-chul, Min Kyung-hoon, and Lee Sang-min create the combination of chemistry that are not just unique, but also entertaining and it’s just not right to tease you with the words without giving you guys the 10 episodes of the Funniest Knowing Brother in 2018. Go go go!

Episode 113

On the 113th episode, the Knowing Brother welcomed IKON and Seungri as their guest stars. The cuteness has been created since the beginning of the introduction, starting with Min Kyunghoon’s ignorance when asked about the names of IKON members and the My Type song is funny. Seungri is also one to watch, he tried to imitate the YG Ent CEO’s voice and GD which was complete with his unique expression. The mimicry act was successful in making the Knowing Brother members laugh out loud.

The final part of the episode is also exciting and funny, IKON and Seungri teams have to compete against the Knowing Brother team to make interesting cheerleader poses. The teams must hold one of the biggest members but the pose is required to remain balanced, the standing member must read the sentence on the board correctly.

Episode 114

The 114th Episode brings the MV Battle theme. In this episode each member is given the opportunity to partner with guest stars to create their own video music projects. What makes this episode funny is when the members and guest stars are on the process of creating and recording their MV. Sae Yoon who paired with Kang Hodong took the initiative to make a low-cost MV and as a result, they used a cellphone camera.

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What’s even funnier is that the camera is installed on a toy train, so Kang Hodong must follow the direction of the train. Another rofl-moment came to the scene where Kim Young-Chul’s partner, he had to wear Thor’s costume and long T-shirts and nails. There is also Janghoon who wears women’s costumes when he was asked to play the role of a secretary. Can you imagine how funny Janghoon is while wearing a long skirt and wig?

Episode 118

The excitement and humor of episode 118 can occur naturally because of the presence of JYP and GOT7 who were present as the guest stars. The first mischief was when Park Jinyoung told her story when he was drunk and went home at 2 am with Jang-hoon. At that time they continued to talk about basketball until they finally played basketball on the field. Because the day was too dark they turned on the lights of the car but unexpectedly the police came in ambush because of noisy complain from the neighbor.

Another funny story came from GOT7 members when they told that there was a time when they greeted JYP but the CEO was just super cold while responding to them. But JYP’s expression became flirtatious when Suzy was the who greeted him, JYP’s finesse expression was successfully parodied by Jackson and her friends. Approaching the end of the episode, the guest stars and KB members performed the game of singing the children’s songs correctly.

Episode 120

For the vivid fans of Knowing Brother, you can’t miss this episode, because the beautiful actresses Song Ji Hyo and Lee El is brightening the 120th episode. The excitement and humor of this episode began when Song Ji Hyo asked Kang Hodong. Song Ji Hyo asks whether Kang Hodong is under the Yoo Jae Suk clan or on his own clan. Song Ji Hyo then said, “Give me my cell phone, so I can call Yoo Jae Suk,” making the member “Knowing Brother” excited and laughed out loud. Lee El also made Kim Young Cheol melt when she said “I like you” to the comedian.

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Episode 122

A festive 122 episode with the presence of Wanna One as a guest star, this moment according to the Knowing Brother members has long been awaited. Introduction time is the start where all silly things will make anyone laugh. While introducing Ha Sungwoon,  he suddenly said that he wanted to sit on the bench that Soo Geun occupied. The members agreed and asked them to exchange positions.

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With Soo Geun act as a member of Wanna One, there will, of course, a silly response from all the KB members, according to Min Kyunghoon, his acquaintance actually seemed like a father of Ha Sungwoon. Another absurdity came when Ong Seungwo tried to mimic the sound of the haegeum instrument, his usually melodious voice instead turned into strange and shrill sound.

Episode 124

This episode put on Lee Seungi as a guest star, yes episode 124 is the episode where Lee Seungi is back to the small screen after the army. In this episode, Lee Seungi uncovered Kang Hodong’s secret while shooting the show with him. This immediately shocked the Knowing Brother members. At the end, it’s also funny because there are movement guessing games, each person depends on dancing and guessing the movements. Guess this movement to discuss songs that are often played while doing military service. The funniest is, of course, Kyunghoon’s part because he is not good at dancing, he just blindly observes it and makes movements that look ridiculous and weird.

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Episode 127

On episode 127, the Knowing Brother welcome Winner with Yoo Byung Jae. At this “Knowing Brothers” program, Song Min Ho’s weight was once again discussed. Kang Ho Dong, who was the leader of the “Knowing Brothers” members, said, “You lost a lot of weight since you last came here. Your voice also sounds weaker. Unexpectedly, the topic of this discussion was answered jokingly by Song Min Ho. “I lost weight because I lost my position as Kang Ho Dong’s favorite dongsaeng (junior),” he said.

Kang Ho Dong then sang the ‘Really Really’ song released by Winner last year, but when he was asked to sing the latest song ‘Everyday’, Kang Ho Dong just said, “I’ve heard it,” made everyone laugh. Yoo Byung Jae also made the whole studio excited about his jokes, but apparently, he was still scared when he met Kang Ho Dong, who was none other than his senior.

Episode 128

In episode 128, Knowing Brother is greeted by four beautiful women as guest stars, they were SNSD’s Hyoyeon, Mamamoo’s Hwasa, Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung, and Hwang Bo. Enthusiasm was felt from the beginning of this episode when Kang Ho Dong was attacked by the female celebrities with scathing comments directed to him. Hwang Bo said, “Sorry but I don’t have good memories with you,” followed by Hyoyeon, “I was often hurt by him.” Hwang Bo again said, “He only behaves well with the people he likes,” making Kang Ho Dong speechless. The studio also laughed when Hyoyeon was teased by Heechul who mentioned her aggressive personality. At that time Hyeoyeon replies the attack with the gossip of the conflict between Heechul and Yesung which end up with a brawl.

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Episode 139

The excitement of Knowing Brother episode 139 was created from the presence of the beautiful and attractive Red Velvet members. They came to this event as a form of promotion for their Summer album. Upon arriving in the classroom, the five members of Red Velvet immediately received cheers from the star “Knowing Brother”. Kang Ho Dong then said, “Is this your first variety show as a group after performing in Pyongyang?” And Red Velvet members answered, “That’s right!” as a group after returning from appearances in Pyongyang? ” Red Velvet replied, “Right”.

Furthermore, Seulgi explained that the choreography of their dance has to be modified due to the condition of the political situation between the two countries. Next on this event is the time when Irene is dancing to “Havana” by Camila Cabello. Lee Sang Min then praised and asked whether Irene had always been this beautiful but then got an attacking comment “You are very shallow,” from Joy.

Episode 150

We will close the list of our favorite episode of Knowing Brother with episode 150 which presents IU and Lee Junki as the guest stars. This meeting will be the reunion event for both of the guest after working together through the Scarlet Heart Ryeo drama a few years ago. The appearance of IU made the members “Knowing Brothers” start the shoot enthusiastically. Lee Jun Ki then came by saying “I’m here”, this is a monologue from “King and Clown”. The respond that Lee Jun Ki got was an immediate rejection from the member “Knowing Brothers”.

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