Kmazing If you are a fan of Hallyu culture, particularly Korean pop, you will likely to have heard of Knowing Brother. The funniest Knowing Brother episodes are still being talked about until today. This variety show has different format if compared to other variety shows in South Korea. The most renowned feature of this show is its high school setting. Guests and hosts do not use honorific speech which is the standard in any Korean broadcast. Instead, they are using informal speech (known as banmal) to communicate. This usage breaks down barrier between ages and seniorities.

This variety show was first aired in 2015. Up until today, the show is still going strong. It is not only enjoyed by the Korean public, people all over the world who love Korean culture also watch this show regularly. Currently, there are seven fix hosts who carry the show: Lee Soogeun, Kang Hodong, SeoJanghoon, Kim Youngchul, Lee Sangmin, Min Kyunghoon, and Kim Heechul. All of the hosts bring out their own flairs which make this show more interesting and hilarious.

There are some funniest Knowing Brother episodes that you should definitely watch. They will be making you laugh nonstop from start to finish. Let’s see some of them.

Funniest Knowing Brother Episodes with Actors

  1. Episode #24

In this episode famous actress Han Chaeah became the guest. Due to her long years in the industry, you can see how comfortable she interacted with the cast. She even dared to give back some jabs from the hosts. What makes this one of the funniest Knowing Brother episodes was the hanging on the bar challenge between her and Lee Soogeun. It soon turned into dirty fight when the host bit on the actress’s leg to win.

  1. Episode #66

Kim Heesun is a veteran actress known for her serious roles and elegance. It is fun to see her taking turn into a fun and easy going character. This episode introduced a game which has kabedon element. The guest must corner hosts in order to incite some reactions. It was hilarious to see how Kim Heesun tried to employ various kinds of methods to seduce the hosts.

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  1. Episode #69

This is another great sample of funniest Knowing Brother episodes, especially because the guest (Lee Kyungkyu) was a veteran actor who is way older than the show’s cast members. It was really funny to see him standing up by himself while the hosts taunted him with jokes. He got really annoyed at experiencing the taunt from people much younger than him.

  1. Episode #20

Shin Soyul is also a sample of funniest Knowing Brother episodes. This drama includes a small comedic drama with bridal prep theme. Each cast acted as the bride and wore bride dress. People enjoyed how hilarious the drama was, especially on Soogeun’s part because he seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Funniest Knowing Brother Episodes with K-Pop Idols

  1. Episode #84: Red Velvet

People love Red Velvet’s episode because the girls showed up the side that they had never shown before. In this episode, you could see the wall challenge as well as other games played. The hosts particularly took a liking to tease the leader (Irene) who took challenges very seriously and even showed how annoyed she was by the hosts’ taunts.

  1. Episode #76: Twice

It is one of the funniest Knowing Brother episodes especially due to the fact that Twice is the most popular female idol group. The girls showed their cute and funny sides in this episode. They played whisper challenge where the girls struggled to get their message across to other players. They were not afraid to appear airheaded and showing off some silliness.

  1. Episode #50: SHINee

You will always laugh when watching this particular episode. In this episode the boys and show’s cast members going head to head to compete as winners for most challenges presented. It was funny because both sides showed intense competitiveness despite how measly the games were. They got angry for nothing at all. They were not even slightly sorry about cheating throughout the game.

  1. Episode #100: Super Junior

Kim Heechul who is the cast member for once sat on the guest’s position. He had to endure the taunts that his usual guests must do. It was fun to see how the other group members even started teasing him alongside the casts. That is why it was categorized as the funniest Knowing Brother episodes.