KMazing – Running Man has been around for more than ten years but the well-known SBS variety show is still going strong. Each episode is still considered the most comical Running Man episodes by the global audience. But among those fresh and new episodes, here are three of the funniest.

Episode 473

The first most comical Running Man episode was episode 473. In this episode, the members were staying in a house and got the chance to plan activities in the house until evening. However, there is the spread of the virus outside the house which threatens the members.

When people are exposed to the virus, they have no emotions and no appetite. The person who spread the virus was the bioterrorist who was among the Running Man members. Then, the members got a mission to go outside to buy some groceries at a nearby convenience store for cooking at home.

What makes this episode is funny is that on their way to the convenience store, they have to hold back the laughter of passersby. These people are dressed up with various make-up that can make all the audience laugh while watching it.

Episode 490

Airing in early 2020 when the pandemic was shaking the world, the Running Man members also took the activities indoors for safety reasons. Even so, the production team managed to present a tense and stomach-churning game.

Each participant is given a challenge and a certain time to survive or the opposite must be eliminated. Being in a limited space of movement, the casts continued to issue frustrated expressions that actually made everyone laugh.

Episode 559 – Most Comical Running Man Episodes

Not only is it the funniest Running Man episode in recent history, but this episode also stirred the emotions of the audience. This is Kwang Soo’s last moment as one of the longest-serving members. He decided to leave because he wanted to focus on his physical recovery after the 2020 traffic accident. Considering that Running Man requires a good physical condition, Kwang Soo chooses to quit.

Of course, in this episode, Kwang Soo and the other members played back and remembered the best moments they had together. He also slipped a letter that made the crew and cast cringe.