KMazing – What exactly is a sasaeng? This is a word that all K-Pop fans should be aware of. It’s no surprise that many people are enamored with South Korean entertainment industry performers since they cut such a great figure on stage or in dramas.

Excessive love that leads to obsession, on the other hand, is not something to emulate. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word sasaeng, a toxic fan that interferes with the private life of K-Pop celebrities, this post will provide you with further information.

Let’s have a look at the definition of sasaeng and some other fascinating facts listed below.

What is Sasaeng?

As previously said, sasaeng refers to a gang of supporters who interfere with idols’ private life. A sasaeng or sasaeng fan is an obsessive fan that chases or participates in various actions that infringe on the privacy of celebrities, especially Korean idols, drama actors, or other prominent figures.

The phrase sasaeng is derived from the Korean words sa, which means ‘personal,’ and saeng, which means ‘life.’ They all pertain to admirers intruding into a celebrity’s personal life. This particular word is extensively used in South Korea and other Asian countries.

To win the idol’s attention, the sasaengs are motivated to undertake a variety of actions, including a few that lead to illegal crimes. Sasaeng is what makes idols uneasy since it intrudes on their privacy.

According to Somagnews, sasaengs get idol information such as cellphone numbers, personal emails, and addresses in order to learn everything about them. Meanwhile, when idols are in buildings and entertainment venues, these enamored followers are eager to go camping in order to photograph their idols from all angles.

Sasaengs also purchase airline tickets next to the idol’s seat, snap hidden photographs, and even sneak into hotel rooms while participating in abroad events. The majority of sasaengs are women from privileged backgrounds, according to reports. This shows that they have a lot of money to go to the idols’ locations.

Because they are so numerous, these enamored followers sell information to other sasaengs. As a result, sasaeng became a community in an indirect way.

Act Against Sasaeng

According to Koreaboo, sasaengs have taken drastic measures against idols, such as sending 2PM’s Taecyeon a message written in menstrual blood.

EXO’s Baekhyun is another celebrity who is tormented by sasaengs. One of the most memorable was when a sasaeng visited Baekhyun’s sister’s wedding and made a big fuss to grab the EXO members’ attention.

Almost all idols have had bad experiences as a result of sasaengs’ acts. In reality, quite a few are putting their lives in jeopardy.