KMazing– Honestly, Running Man has been through a lot in recent years, the super famous variety show almost got canceled a few years ago. The adding of the new member and concept of long-term guest have received cold and hot treatment from all the fans around the world. For some, Running Man is still one of those must-watch show every week but for others, it’s becoming more and more “meh”. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I still count myself as the hard-die fans of this show. So, despite the fluctuance of the rating I still personally enjoy this program. Well, enough with the craps, here are my personal top three episode of Running Man that air in 2018. Enjoy!

Episode 403

This particular episode has no guest and the concept is quite unique as the member is asked to be preparing for an exile condition in one day location for the Exile Competition, each of them must bring three items that will be needed by the other members who sit next to them during the exile. And it’s not Running Man member without the clash of comedy while preparing for the items that are loosely beneficial, some even close to miserable. The key point on this episode is when the members try their best to use their resource to buy the vote and avoid the harsh punishment. Who will win?

Episode 394 – 395

Episode 395 is the continuation from episode 394 which is still in taking the theme of Winter Olympic. The guest stars were Lee Sang Yoeb, Lee Da Hee, Kang Han Na, and Hong Jin Young. I would not say that this episode is the ultimate episode with all the balance aspect for the perfect entertainment, but from the beginning until the end, it really is an exciting and fun. The Final Mission took the highlight for me, as the members – and the guest, of course – have to take a lil bit of detectives-ish role to find the clues about The Trainers and The Gold Medalist. Will they succeed?

Episode 388

According to the PD of Running Man, this episode is the base for the long term guest concept which was use for several punishment/tour/game that is happening on the mid-year. He saw the “charm” of Lee Da Hee and thought it will be a waste that the guest that blend so much with the chemistry of the member didn’t get enough air time. Overall this episode looks lazy in a way but also then serve the new pathos of Indoor Running Man Mission which is commonly use in the latest episodes. The roulette mission is the highlight of this episode, and you will know why if you watch it now!