KMazing – The variety show in South Korea are becoming increasingly diversified in their genre. The shoemaker is branching with lots of concepts including travel, gourmet, mystery, and a variety of other topics. The concept with the notion of lodging, for example, is one of the most sought in the market.

The fact that the inn will be run by well-known South Korean talents adds to the intrigue. The audience can see how busy they are with all of the preparations to do their service for the visitors.

In addition, the audience is also treated to breathtaking vistas of the area where they will be staying. Here are four Korean Variety programs with lodging concepts that you must see.

Youn’s Stay – Variety Show Lodging

Unlike Youn’s Kitchen, this time Youn Yuh Jung, Jung Yu Mi, Lee Seo Jin, and Park Seo Joon will manage a hanok inn. They were further helped by actor Choi Woo Shik who joined the cast and became the youngest member of this program.


The guests who stay come from various countries. They are foreigners who are studying or working in South Korea. While serving the guests, members are responsible for providing all their needs, from check-in, providing information about lodging, preparing rooms, and of course, making breakfast and dinner.

Korean Hostel in Spain

Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin, and Bae Jung Nam run an inn or hostel in Spain while traveling outside of South Korea. The performers give a stop and stay establishment for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.


Yoo Hae Jin works as a receptionist, cleans the lodging, and even makes furniture with his own hands. Meanwhile, Cha Seung Won, the chef, and Bae Jung Nam, the assistant chef, prepare a variety of Korean meals for the visitors.

Honeymoon Tavern

Kim Hee Sun, Tak Jae Hoon, Kai EXO, Moon Se Yoon, and Yoo Teo are among the Korean superstars that appear in Honeymoon Tavern. The casts established an inn on Udo Island for newlyweds who haven’t had time to enjoy their honeymoon owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.


These couples will get facilities, from rooms to stay to breakfast and delicious dinner. Not only providing services, but the members also mingle and chat with the guests.

Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon, a celebrity couple, provide a homestay at their Jeju Island mansion. Guests may make use of the amenities that have been set up. In addition to providing a place to stay, Lee Hyori and her husband prepare their own meals for their visitors.


IU joined the crew in the first season to assist with the management of the inn. The participation of IU caught the attention of both the attendees and the audience. This variety show lodging was a hit in its first season and renewed for a second season. Yoona from Girls’ Generation is the cast member that will help to work as an inn employee.

Not only that, but the appearance of Park Bo Gum in the midst of this season’s show startled everyone, even the visitors. As a part-timer, Park Bo Gum also helps around the inn.