KMazing – Transformation from cute to mature concept is something not many KPop girl groups can succeed. But the phenomenon is inevitable since the members’ are advancing in age. Although the change may have a beneficial or bad influence on their image, many groups nonetheless take the chance. As a result, just a handful are thought to have a good impact. Here are some of them!


CLC debuted with a cute concept with the single “PEPE” which makes the “cute” era to many years consistent with it. The agency finally transform the concept in the “Black Dress” promotion era showing the members’ cool charms and girl-crush aura.


After that, the “NO” era became their turning point after winning the first win thanks to the popular title track. Since then, it seems that the agency decided to maintain the girl-crush image for CLC.


Since their debut with the title single “Glass Bead,” GFRIEND has been renowned for their lovely teenage-style idea. They are also in line with the notion in order to gain popularity. However, in an interview with ET News, the member admitted that they wanted to make small changes with each comeback so that the results would be more natural over time.


Evidently, as the members get older, GFRIEND changes its concept in the “Apple” to the “Mago” era. They still fascinated many people with the concept, even though the changes were quite drastic. Unfortunately, one of the most beautiful Kpop girl groups decided to disband after 7 years together


Apink is popular thanks to its cute concept since their debut. As time passes and the members get older, the notion evolves to become more mature and graceful. The shift in the idea has no negative impact on the popularity of individuals who are still working in the entertainment business and have earned a lot of praise.


TWICE – Most Beautiful KPop Girl Groups

TWICE debuted with the girl crush concept for the song “LIKE OOH AHH” in 2015. However, they only became popular after the first comeback with the song “Cheer Up” which received various public appreciation.

The popularity of “Cheer Up” makes TWICE continue to grace their comeback with a cute concept that never fails to steal attention. Even so, the time when they adopt the cute concept seems to be over as each member is also getting more senior. Now, TWICE slowly began to move on to a more mature concept.


The concept transformation had a significant impact on the popularity of the female group mentioned above. Some are gradually gaining public prominence, while others remain well-known despite significant metamorphoses.