KMazing – If you are not that typical person who likes K-dramas that are generally complicated, then try to watch the K-Variety shows that are light and entertaining. Shows like Running Man, Knowing Brother is already quite familiar to Kpop fans. But did you know that there are a lot of variety shows that turn out to be good to watch but often underestimated? Well, let’s take a look at 10 underrated South Korean variety show that you need to check it now!

Hello Counselor

This television program was first aired on November 2010 on KBS. The variety show was hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Jung Chan Woo, Lee Young Ja, Kim Tae Gyun and Choi Tae Jun. What’s makes this show fun to watch is that it usually raises themes that often occur in people’s lives. In addition to presenting parties who are facing problems, during the show, there are audiences and experts who will provide feedback and suggestions.

Hello Counselor also presents guest stars from among idols, actresses, and actors to provide feedback from their perspective. This show might not be as famous as Running Man but there are a lot of positive benefits that you can get while watching it.

Problematic Men

Problematic Men is a television program aired on tvN since February 2015. Although this program has been on hiatus for two months, it has been aired again until now. This television program is actually very interesting, although the fame is not as broad as other programs such as Knowing Brother.

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Problematic Man has a great cast with Jun Hyun moo, Ha Seok jin, Lee Jang won, Tyler Rasch, Kim Ji Seok and Park Kyung of Block B. This program is perfect for those of you who want to explore your thinking skills and the extent of your knowledge about various things. The reason is, Problematic Men is indeed a variety show which format collects good people from celebrities or who are not academically clever and will then be asked questions. The questions given vary, not only questions such as during exams but also about job interview simulations.

Please Take Care of My Refrigerator

This particular show can also be considered underrated, but it is actually interesting and recommended. Starting to air on November 2014, this television program presents excitement in the kitchen. In each episode, there will be lots of professional chefs who are usually challenged to process raw materials from the guest star’s refrigerator.

The two chefs who were competing were forced to use makeshift ingredients but try to match the owner’s request. If you are lucky, they will get celebrity guest stars who like to cook themselves and take care of the refrigerator so that it will be easy because the contents inside the fridge are definitely full.

However, if the guest happens to be a super busy idol group member then it is a threat to them. Why is the threat? Because usually, the contents of the refrigerator will only have excess food, instant drinks, vitamins, and various kinds of masks. It’s a fun and exciting show to watch!

Let’s Eat Dinner Together

Even though the Let’s Eat Dinner Together variety program was hosted by MCs, like Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu, but it still lacked attention. But I gotta be honest that the program is very exciting. On each episode, they always have a different guest star which has to struggle to eat in people’s places without being recognized.

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This program also has a positive side, which is about how to ethically visit and eat in other people’s homes. Celebrities and hosts divided into two groups and filmed their adventure in urban and regions areas. Although the guest stars and hosts are a famous celebrity, more often than not the get rejected during their endeavor.

JYP Party People

The variety show that aired in 2017 is actually very unique. Thanks to the title, everyone will surely be easier to guess who will be the one hosting this show. Yes, JYP Party People is a talk show with hosts JYP aka Park Jin Young in a club. The guest stars who are actually singers are made closer to their fans by showing up and interacting directly.

They usually tell the story about the beginning of their career, falling up, and all suffering before becoming a top star. In addition, the guests were also asked to do a live show by choosing one song from the other artist but they have to perform the song with their own style.

Mom’s Diary: My Ugly Duckling

Not a lot of people know about the program which was first broadcast in 2017. Apparently, this television program is super interesting. Mom’s Diary: My Ugly Ducking focused on the reaction of the mothers from famous Korean celebrities about their children’s activities that they sometimes did not know.

The mothers will see their children’s activities starting from waking up to falling asleep. Sometimes there are moms who are surprised at their children’s activities, such as Kim Jong-kook who is very obsessed with the gym. He almost always spends his free time to go to the gym.

Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast

Another variety shows that might have escaped the attention of people is Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. It tells the story of lodging built by Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hyori in Jeju Island. This television program invites special guests who will help them in a lot of activities ranging from cleaning the house, cooking and delivering guests to tourist attractions.

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The second season invites SNSD’s Yoona to be the guest star and I just love how a famous actress and star can just transform flawlessly to do homework.  Apparently, she was very good. Yoona can cook, clean up and fix the bathroom.

Through this show, we can also see the enchanting natural wealth of Jeju Island, the warmth of staying with family members, and courtesy when taking in the guests. Although the concept of this show is fairly simple, this is then what makes the audience feel attracted to the show.

Problem Child in House

The television program broadcast by KBS has a format like a quiz show. Even though it has a low rating, don’t get me wrong, this program is very interesting. The show is hosted by 5 hosts, Kim Yong Man, Kim Sook, Jeong Hyeong Don, Min Kyung Hoon, and Song Eun I. During the show, every guest who came will be given a question that tests their knowledge. They also may not seek answers through the internet, and purely answer the question from their own knowledge.

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For example, the last shows before Key of Shinee enter the army was this shows where he successfully showed that he is indeed a genius. Key managed to answer all 10 questions given in his own version. The show was also taken as the farewells moment to his fans since he is joining the army conscription soon after the show airs.

Everyone’s Kitchen

Everyone’s Kitchen is a cooking event where the casts need to be directly involved in the cooking process. Those who become guest stars are generally those who have had cooking experience or are used to live alone and preparing their own food. The guest stars were asked to prepare the special food they wanted to show and share with their friends.

The purpose of this shows is to improve the social dining culture of eating together since its declining due to an increase in small and single families. Overall, the concept of this program is about food, cooking and the reality that exists in society. Everyone’s Kitchen has 5 famous MCs in it, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Chung Ah, Hang Kwang Hee, Sakura IZ * NE, and Kwak Dong Yeon.

Dunia: Into a New World

This variety show is still fairly new, first released on June 3 on MBC last year. Some of the members that took part on the shows are Luda of Cosmic Girls, U-Know Yunho, Jung Hye Sung, Dindin, Don Spike, Hansel, Sam Okyere, Austin Kang, and Koo Ja Sung. In the screening process, this variety show had received scathing criticism from netizens but actually, the show was quite interesting.

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Having a different concept from other survival programs, the members are likened to characters in the game who have their own mission and survival methods. They will be deployed on a remote island without any communication tools and have to survive with the goods around them.