KMazing – It is so much recommended for you to watch Running Man especially if you are looking for the entertaining and interesting variety show. This particular show, which was aired on SBS for the first time on July 11th, 2010, will definitely offer you so much funny moments that will make you laugh out loud. Yes, this TV show has so numerous options of the funniest running man episodes.

Running Man has been one of the most popular variety shows in South Korea. There are so various fresh and fun concepts that you can enjoy every time you watch it. Then, it can be so much more fabulous because of the exciting things that its regular members always do. Then, do you really want to know one of the funniest running man episodes? If you do, it will be so much better for you to keep reading below.

Funniest Running Man Episodes: Episode 387

Well, one of the funniest running man episodes is episode 387 that will steal your attention. In this episode, there were the regular members of the show such as Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo, Haha, Yoo Jae Suk, and so many more, who had some special missions in jail. The reason why they got in to the jail was because of the bad things that they had done during the previous missions. In the other words, each of the members had to make tofu in order to reduce their punishments in jail that was located in Seongdang-myeon, Iksan, Jeollabuk-do. Unfortunately, everything seemed funny as the members could not make the rules work as well as what they expected. The broken rules started when Lee Kwang Soo cheated and stole the tofu of So Min. So, in the end of the day, he had to accept the other sentence as the consequence of being on the last rank because he had broken the rules so bad.

funniest running man episodes

In conclusion, this episode can be one of the funniest running man episodes because of the fascinating things that all of the regular members did even though there was no guest at all to complete the show. You can still feel the excitement and comedy values of the show so nicely. So then, you will never regret watching this show every time you have the chance.

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The Zombie Race

One of the funniest running man episodes that you cannot miss is the Zombie Race (episode 402). This remarkable episode, which was aired in May 2018, is so entertaining because it invited many idols such as Winner’s Song Min Ho, Momoland’s JooE, AOA’s HyeJeong and Seolhyun, WJSN’s Dayoung, and so on. In the other words, there were two different teams (Team Human and Team Zombie) that had to compete to each other. Simply, the Team Human had to cure the zombie as many as possible before so that they could be human again. Then, the best thing about this race was that both of the teams did so many funny things while they tried to do their best in order to win the game. So, you might burst because of the laughter.

In the end of the day, Team Human successfully won the game as they could cure the zombies so well. So, you would see that they felt really happy and enjoyed the moments during this one of the funniest running man episodes. Additionally, based on this fact, it is so much recommended for you to watch this episode again when you have the time.

The Funniest Running Man Episodes: The 413rd Episode

One of the funniest running man episodes is episode 413, which was aired in August 2018, where the show invited Jennie of Blackpink and a popular actress Jin Ki Joo. It was actually the second individual appearance of Jennie on the show as she has successfully stolen the attention of the people in the previous episode. There were so many interesting and fun moments that could make you burst because of laughter as there were two teams that had to compete to win the game. The members of Team One were Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, and Jennie while the other team members were Haha, Kin Jong Kook, and Jin Ki Joo. They had to play many various games in order to avoid the punishment. Furthermore, Lee Kwang Soo’s team could reach the victory so that they could punish the losing team. Thus, this art of the episode really made the show so much more marvelous surely.

After putting it all together, it will always be a great idea for you to enjoy this one of the funniest running man episodes. You have to watch this episode over and over again. So you will find that it can help you to get free from the stress and boring things excellently.

Funny Couple Race and Seungri’s Dance

So, one of the funniest running man episodes that you cannot ignore is when B.I and Bobby of IKON, Seungri of Big Bang, Lee Elijah, Kim Jim In, Sunmi, and Lee Joo Yeon became the guests on the show. All of them would get involved in a fun couple race with the regular members. Simply, the rule of the game was each of the couples had to pay the loan that they had got when they chose their partners based on the particular labeled stuff that took. Then, the funny things happened when they started the race where all of the members and the guests did the unpredictable and fascinating stuff. So then, you would definitely laugh out loud when you saw it.

Not only that, the more amusing pat of this one of the funniest running man episodes was when the members of the show challenged Seungri of Big Bang to dance with B.I and Bobby to one of IKON’s hits, “Killing Me”.  However, he tried so hard to be standout instead of dancing in harmony with the IKON members. Moreover, he wanted to dance to Big Bang’s popular track, Bang Bang Bang. Yet, he showed the weird movements rather than the cool choreography, so that you will laugh so hard because of it.

Tean Face VS Team Voice

One of the funniest running man episodes that you have to watch again is episode 422 that was broadcasted in October 2018. The reason why this episode can be interesting and fun was the casts and the guests of the show (Lee Ha Na and Im So Hyang) were divided in to two different teams of Face Team and Voice Team. Each of the teams had a mission that they had to complete nicely. Not only that, they had to do their best in order to get money as much as they could, so that they could win the game and avoid the punishment.

In the end, the Face Team successfully became the victors of the game meanwhile Yoo Jae Suk and Haha as they were the losing team. This particular thing had increased the humor and the comedy values of the show to the new standard. Thus, it is actually no wonder if this one of the funniest running man episodes can make you feel entertained in an impressive way. It means that you will never get disappointed even if you watch it over and over again.

The Funny Santas Episode

Well, episode 125: the Snowball Fight Race (Christmas Special Episode) is definitely one of the funniest running man episodes. There was full of joy and cheerfulness because the show was visited by famous celebrities such as Shin Dong, Jung Hyung Dong, Park Sang Myun, Ryu Dam, and Juvie Train. All of them wore the Santa Claus costume that made them look bloated yet funny. This kind of thing really shocked the members of Running Man as they thought that the guests would be beautiful girls. Furthermore, all of the regular members of the show and the guests had to play some games which made the Santas had to run and spend their energy a lot during the winter. So then, it will be something so interesting that could make you laugh so hard.

Additionally, the Snowball Fight Race in this one of the funniest running man episodes actually went quite chaotic and pity at once. Nevertheless, you would find that every moment could be so mesmerizing and super funny. Thus, do not ever be surprised if this episode can make you addicted to the show, so that you will always want to watch it again and again.


The Adventure in Australia

Simply, one between of the funniest running man episodes was when the regular members and the guests (Rain n Kim Woo Bin) had to do a trip to Australia. They had to do some tasks while they were spending time in the Kangaroo Land, which can be ranging from traveling to the days of gold mining to scuba diving to find the precious treasures. Then, the best funny moment on this episode was when the global star like Rain had to wear a kangaroo costume. So, you would see the different side of the super star.

After putting it all together, all of the fun things that you could find in this one of the funniest running man episodes are the notable reasons why you have to watch it again whenever you have spare time. So then, it really help us to release the stress and boring in our busy and exhausting days. In the end, you can refresh yourself as well as possible when you watch this variety show.