Kmazing.netRunning Man is still considered as one of the most TV game shows that you can find in Korea until this time. Because of that reason, there are still a lot of people who are looking for the funny Running Man episodes even until this time. That is because there are still a lot of funny memories that are worth to keep even after some years. If you are curious, here are some of the lists for the episodes of Running Man that will make you laugh hard. In fact, you might never be able to forget these episodes if you are a real Running Man lover.


Park Ji Sung Funny Running Man Episodes

funny Running Man episodes

Many people have known the name of Park Ji Sung as one of the best North Korean soccer players. That is one thing that made the first appearance of Park Ji Sung in Running Man is worth to wait. Finally, on the 97th episode of Running Man, he made his first debut as the guest on the funny Running Man episodes. For your information, he personally stated that he loves to watch the Running Man and he hoped to be able to be the regular of the shows. That was the first thing he said when he starred on his first Running Man debut.


To make it even better, many people were expecting him to be someone why because he did not have any kind of experience to deal with a lot of people. However, all of those things turned out to be incorrect. That is because the funny Running Man episodes turned out to be something great. On that episode, he had to take over the MC in Thailand because of some things. The time when Park Ji Sung bullied Lee Kwang So might be the moment that will make you laugh very hard.


Ha Ji Won Badminton Funny Running Man Episodes

For those who are in love with Ha Ji Won, you might need to watch the 86th episode of Running Man. That is because Ha Ji Won appeared there. As one shy actress, she does not have a lot of experience to deal with a lot of people, but on the funny Running Man episodes, everything is changed. That is because on this episode she has to play the badminton. However, since it is Running Man, the badminton is not something quite common. That is because the sport was done inside a grocery store and the racks were used as the net of this game.

Everything started to get better and funnier when she knows the rule of the game. It does not matter if the shuttlecock hits the net, as long as it does not stop. Her way to tease her opponents to win the badminton game on the grocery store might be the best thing that you can find on this funny Running Man episodes. That is because all of her opponents could not do much because of the teasing. Who can handle the being teased from the lovely and beautiful lady such as Ha Ji Won?