KMazing – South Korea is very well known for its various types of films and popular television shows. One of them is Running Man. This one spectacle show very much entertains many international viewers since it contains a variety of games and activities that are very diverse. In fact, it is not uncommon for the production team to give quite an extreme mission to its members.

For those of you who like adrenaline in the most extreme games, then you can also find extreme games in Running Man. Not only for entertainment purposes, but extreme games can be used as inspiration when you are on vacation. Here are ten episodes of Running Man where the member is pushing the limit of entertainment and variety show:

10 Running Man Extreme Games Episode

  1. Episode 9

During the ninth episode of Running, the casts of the show are task to play lottery selection so they can determine the type of spoon that will later be used as a drink exchange. However, there are many options of spoons provided, both from the smallest spoon, for example, such as ear swab, even to the largest spoon that has a shovel-like shape.

Running man members will play the game which tasks them to make coffee which then served so that they have a feeling of enthusiasm again. Well, the interesting yet extreme thing about this game is that one of the members can get a cup of coffee with a monstrous amount of coffee powder.


  1. Episode 96

In episode 96, the Running Man casts need to do an extreme game is called superpower Soccer, where members will be given superpowers so they can win against Park Ji-sung. Each member will have different strengths, but the main attraction is that the superpower is very hysterical, such as the ability to shift the goal, fly, and other powers that just don’t make sense.

Even though they have been given a superpower and a numerical advantage – 7 against 2, unfortunately, the Running Man members are still overwhelmed against the legendary Manchester United player.


  1. Episode 133

In episode 133, Running Man members need to bungee jumping, and the highlight of this episode is when Song Ji-Hyo did the challenge without a hassle. The thing is that the distance is quite far since the member needs to jump from Macau Tower with a height of 338 meters.

But The Ace is already famous as a member who has no fear. So that even though the Macau Tower is 338 meters high, she just very happy doing it. What about other members? Hhe..


  1. Episode 159

In this particular episode, the production team is challenging the Running Man member to make a ship with only cardboard and duct tape. The plotline is that the mission must be accomplished, which is ridiculous.

In this condition, the members are required to have creative thoughts so that the ship will not sink while being used to cross the swimming pool. Even though it is doubtful since the basic materials are cardboard and duct tape, but some members successfully tackled the challenge.


  1. Episode 175

Another Running Man extreme game is presented in episode 175, where the members were asked to feed the other members. However, there is a twist that the feeder must rotate their hand on the Hula Hoop. Suppose a member succeeds in eating sausage or cucumber. In that case, the team has succeeded in achieving the mission.

The members are required to be careful when approaching food so as not to get hit by the Hula Hoop. However, the food actually ended up hitting the faces and mouths of the other members. As we have already imagined that this is one of the most extreme yet unique games that are not easy to do and funny at the same time.


6. Episode 211

Another Running Man Extreme Games is presented in episode 211. The Running Man members were asked to play the most extreme game where the members were asked to ride a rollercoaster while singing. Some of the members get scared when they ride the rollercoaster, plus they need to sing.

In this episode, a certain minimum score must be achieved. As we know, most of Running Man has a timid character, so that the already extreme mission is getting another twist with a scream out of fear.


  1. Episode 357

The next Running Man extreme Games are in the form of a zipline which is carried out in South Korea. Haha was the chosen member to ride the longest zipline in Asia. The location of this ride is in the Jeon Seon country zip wire, with a track length of 3900 feet and a speed of 60 miles per hour.


  1. Episode 371

Running Man member took the shooting location to Indonesia, Timang Beach, Yogyakarta. So Min and Kwang Soo are chosen to get the punishment for losing the mission. The punishment given was that the two members had to cross the mainland in order to get to the small island using the traditional cable car, which fishermen often use in that location.

From the point of view of the equipment it uses, it is indeed elementary, so it’s just natural for So Min and Kwang Soo to feel scared. The condition was also quite harsh as the waves around the cable car are stormy.

  1. Episode 379

The next most Running Man extreme games were in episode 379 with Crocodile Cage as the main attraction point. The shooting is taking place in Darwin, Australia. Members who are required to enter a glass tube in the crocodile pool are Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Jae Suk, and Ji Suk-Jin. Member Lee Kwang Soo must enter the tube alone to get an additional mission, which is to kiss the crocodile through the tube.

Although the three members were terrified due to the size of the crocodile,  in the end, they were all successfully done the challenge.

10. Episode 407

One of the most extreme episodes ever done on Running Man was the wing walker, which was done in England. The three members who are required to board the wing walker are Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Jae Suk, and guest star Lee Da Hae.

The three of them ride wing walkers with different levels. After going through a random drawing, Yoo Jae Suk was lucky enough to get the easiest level. Lee Da Hae, who got level 2, had to ride a wing walker for 10 minutes with several sharp dives.

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo, who got the most challenging level, had to ride a wing walker for 10 minutes on a plane that dived several times and turned around.

So, which Running Man extreme games is your favorite? Comment below!