Please Take Care of My Refrigerator is JTBC’s reality show program where the guest will bring their very own fridge and the chef as the cast member of the show will have cooking battle in 15 minutes using the ingredients inside the guest’s fridge. The show was very success in 2015 and end up boosting up the already famous chef in becoming celebrity chef in South Korea. One of the founder member was ‘show-off” chef, Choi Hyun Seok. He was so famous at that time with his show off style in cooking, there are rumor saying that the program itself is based on his fame and his rivalry with another Italian chef, Sam Kim.

But since episode aired on April 17, Chef Hyun Seok have been missing. JTBC represntative shade a light on the topic stating that the chef is officially stepping down from his position in the program.

“After two years and five months he has decided to step down, He is leaving so that he can focus on new challenges and experiences. He plans to focus on his newly opened restaurant and business. We at JTBC will support his new beginning.”

The source also said that the staff already trying their best to persuade chef Hyun Seok to stay with the program, but the celebrity chef is firm on his decision to focus his energy in his new restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul. The program is reportedly denying any possibilities in hiring new chef for the show.

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