There have been rumor lingering around the future of AOA, their main vocal Choa is rarely seen doing activities together with the other member of AOA. The rumor is peaking after AOA’s performance at 25th Yeoncheon Jeonggok-ri Paleolithic Festival where two members of the group is nowhere to be seen. Seolhyun was unable to attend and perform with AOA due to her activities in filming advertisement in Europe, but the reason behind Choa’s truancy is unidentified.

The last time Choa was seen attending in AOA’s performance was in March. She didn’t appear in the group’s concert in Japan and have been inactive with her social media. The suspicion of Choa’s departure from the group was getitng stronger after evidence comes up in the NAVER’s Profile of AOA where Choa’s Instagram has been deleted.

After getting tones of question and critics from AOA fans, FNC Entertainment finally released their official statement via one of the representative of the agency, who stated that “ChoA is currently taking personal time off to rest. She is not missing in action. After AOA’s March concert, ChoA expressed her wishes to take a personal break. There’s no special reason”

Fans voiced their concern with the future of AOA without Choa. They also expressed their suspicion over the issues because the agency was very late in releasing explanation over the absence of Choa.

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