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The History of AOA

AOA (Ace of Angels) is the first girl group created by FNC Entertainment Agency that also created CNBLUE and F.T ISLAND.

AOA debuted with two different concepts as girl group and band group. The first album was ‘Angel’s Story’ and the first single ‘Elvis was released at July 30th 2012.

aoa logo

The first sub-unit, AOA Black was created in 2013 with Jimin, ChoA, Yuna, Mina, and Youkyung as members. Their single album was entitled ‘Moya (What?).

AOA Members Profile

aoa members profile

AOA (Ace of Angels) consists of 7 members (from left to right): Choa, Chanmi, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, Yuna, Jimin, Mina.


jimin aoa

Stage Name                  : Jimin

Birth Name                   : Shin Ji Min

Nickname                      : Jiminel

Position                          : Leader, Lead Guitarist, Main Rapper, Dancer

Birthday                         : Januari 8th 1991

Zodiac Sign                    : Capricorn

Nationality                    : Korean

Height                            : 159 cm

Weight                           : 43kg

Social media account    : Instagram @jiminbaby_18

Member Facts :

  • Playing guitar since four years old.
  • Has taken throat surgery.
  • Writing rap lyric for AOA.
  • Was a contestant in Unpretty Rapstar season 1



choa aoa

Stage Name                  : ChoA

Birth Name                   : Park Cho Ah

Nickname                      : Choaya

Position                          : Main Vocal, Guitarist, Dancer

Birthday                         : March 6th 1990

Zodiac Sign                    : Pisces

Nationality                     : Korean

Height                             : 160 cm

Weight                            : 42kg

Social media account   : Instagram @queenchoa

Member Facts :

  • Failed in audition for many times but never surrender.
  • Met Juniel and told about FNC Entertainment audition for girl group AOA.
  • Was forbid by parents to be singer, but finally allowed since her mother has piano major.


yuna aoa

Stage Name                  : Yuna

Birth Name                   : Seo Yu Na

Nickname                      : Yunaria

Position                         : Lead Vocal, Keyboardist, Dancer

Birthday                        : December 30th, 1992

Zodiac Sign                   : Capricorn

Nationality                    : Korean

Height                            : 163 cm

Weight                            : 45kg

Social media account   : Instagram @yn-s-1230

Member Facts :

  • From Busan.
  • Playing piano since six years old, classical piano since seven years old.
  • Loves Jazz Piano.
  • Leave Busan to Seol alone after got permission from parents.


hyejeong aoa

Stage Name                  : Hyejeong

Birth Name                   : Shin Hye Jeong

Nickname                     : Hyejeong Linus

Position                         : Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

Birthday                        : August 10th, 1993

Zodiac Sign                   : Leo

Nationality                    : Korean

Height                            : 170 cm (tallest AOA member)

Weight                           : 48kg

Social media account  : Instagram @dongdong810

Member Facts :

  • Was shy girl, but got more confident after being cheerleader and promotion model in high school.
  • Competing in supermodel event when casting director of FNC Entertainment found her.
  • Before AOA, her debut was in SBS drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’.
  • Was in SBS drama ‘Chungdamdong Alice’ as Moon Geunyoung younger sister.


mina aoa

Stage Name                  : Mina

Birth Name                   : Kwon Min Ah

Nickname                      : Minaring

Position                         : Lead Rapper, Bassist, Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday                        : September 21st, 1993

Zodiac Sign                   : Virgo

Nationality                    : Korean

Height                            : 159cm

Weight                           : 43kg

Social media account  : Instagram @kvwowv

Member Facts :

  • From Busan.
  • Loves math and music.
  • Learning bass playing for two years.


seolhyun aoa

Stage Name                  : Seolhyun

Birth Name                   : Kim Seol Hyun

Nickname                      : Seolhyunari

Position                         : Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual/face of the group

Birthday                        : January 3rd, 1995

Zodiac Sign                   : Capricorn

Nationality                    : Korean

Height                            : 167cm

Weight                           : 47kg

Social media account  : @sh-9513

Member Facts :

  • Plays piano, drums, and ballet.
  • Fast learner.
  • Loves Super Junior especially Donghae.
  • Song Joong Ki was her ideal type, but she dated Zico and break up in 2016.


chanmi aoa

Stage Name                  : Chanmi

Birth Name                   : Kim Chan Mi

Nickname                      : Chanmi T.T

Position                         : Main Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Birthday                        : June 19th, 1996

Zodiac Sign                   : Gemini

Nationality                    : Korean

Height                            : 166cm

Weight                            : 47kg

Social media account  : Instagram @chanmi_96a

Member Facts :

  • From Daegu.
  • Hyperactive as kids so joined dance school during elementary school.


youkyung aoa

Stage Name                  : Youkyung

Birth Name                   : Seo Yoo Kyung

Nickname                      : Y (Half Angel)

Position                         : Drummer

Birthday                        : March 15th, 1993

Zodiac Sign                   : Pisces

Nationality                    : Korean

Height                            : 167kg

Weight                            : 48 kg

Social media account   : Instagram @drrrr.youkyung

Member Facts :

  • From Seoul.
  • Playing drum since middle school first year.
  • Learn music from Kim Sehwang.

AOA’s most Popular Songs :

Short Hair (2014)


Like A Cat (2014)


Heart Attack (2015)


Good Luck (2016)


Excuse me (2017)


Bing Bing (2017)


Eventhough Seolhyun is the sexiest member in AOA, but she is too mainstream so Mina is Kmazing’s bias and included in top 15 most beautiful girls in K-POP girl group because she is cute.

Many of AOA members like Yuna, Seolhyun, Mina, Hyejeong played in popular Korean dramas and movies like Gangnam Blues (Seolhyun), Click Your Heart (Web Drama) (Mina), etc.

Kmazing’s favorite AOA songs are Short Hair, Like A Cat, and mostly is Heart Attack because its very catchy and upbeat.

So who’s your bias in AOA and what’s your favorite AOA songs?

Let us know in comments below.

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