Top 15 Most Beautiful Girls in Kpop Girl Groups of All Time Up to 2016 (New Generation)


16Top 15 Most Beautiful Girls in Kpop Girl Groups

Hi guys! It’s been a month since my last post, now I’ve finished my new list about the top 15 most beautiful girls in K-pop girl groups (new generation).

So what is the different between my list compared to other lists? If you look at other lists, you may see similar results (maybe you will find a number of similar results like Suzy, Seolhyun, YoonA, IU, Nana, and other Kpop girls that already very well known and too mainstream), in this list you will find some Kpop girls that you probably haven’t seen or realized before, but they have the same level of beauty, or even more than other Kpop girls who already popular.

However, there will still be a few girls who are too mainstream in this list because of their beauty which any girls can’t beat anymore, and I can not to not put their name into this list. So sorry about that. Here is the following list.



  1. Hey there!! I’m very pleased that we have the same opinion. Park Jiyeon is really beautiful and as for me, She should be partnered to Kim Myungsoo because, you know They perfectly fit to each other and Also, some people are shipping Vyeon-the love team of V of bts and Jiyeon. but I prefer myungsoo better. Thank you!


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