Top 15 Most Beautiful Girls in Kpop Girl Groups

Hi guys! It’s been a month since my last post, now I’ve finished my new list about the top 15 most beautiful girls in K-pop girl groups (new generation).

So what is the different between my list compared to other lists? If you look at other lists, you may see similar results (maybe you will find a number of similar results like Suzy, Seolhyun, YoonA, IU, Nana, and other Kpop girls that already very well known and too mainstream), in this list you will find some Kpop girls that you probably haven’t seen or realized before, but they have the same level of beauty, or even more than other Kpop girls who already popular.

However, there will still be a few girls who are too mainstream in this list because of their beauty which any girls can’t beat anymore, and I can not to not put their name into this list. So sorry about that. Here is the following list.

Mina (AOA)

Mina AOA

Born in 1993, if it’s about AOA, most people would probably choose Seolhyun as their bias, because she is very popular and in the same level with Suzy. But not for me. I think Seolhyun already too mainstream.

I’m more interested in Mina because of her cuteness, short and small body. I can say that Mina is already very close to the my ideal type, but unfortunately I don’t know her overall personality.

She has been in many Korean dramas and recently she also acts as the main role in a web drama titled “Click Your Heart” with NEOZ members (now SF9). Honestly Mina was gorgeous and adorable in this web drama. I was fascinated by her cuteness.

Hyo Jung (Oh My Girl)

hyojung ohmygirl

Born in 1994, I think Hyojung is the most beautiful member of Oh My Girl. But unfortunately I think Oh My Girl is one of the K-pop group which is underrated.

Why? Because their songs is very very amazing (for example: “Liar Liar”, and “Closer”), but unfortunately they did not get the same attention and fame as TWICE, I.O.I., Red Velvet, etc.

Here is a clip of Hyojung when she dance “Bubble Pop”.

Park Ji Yeon (T-Ara)

Park Ji Yeon T-ara

Born in 1993, Park Ji Yeon is the first most beautiful Kpop idol I found in Kpop world. Although at that time (around 2010) SNSD dominated the kpop world, but the beauty of Park Ji Yeon beat all members of SNSD, even surpassed Yoona’s beauty (in my opinion). Why? Because if I look at Park Jiyeon, is a combination of beautiful and high-level cuteness.

The first time I saw her is when i was looking for a new drama, then I saw “God of Study” will soon be aired, and Park Ji Yeon is one of actresses who will portray the drama. Unfortunately she wasn’t the lead role.

In 2014 she debuted as solo artist with single “Never Ever” which i think she was so freaking sexy in this song.

I was sad when I heard she is dating actor Lee Dong Gun who 13 years older than her. However, as good fan I have to understand that she is also human. I’ll continue to support her and move on.

Anyway here is her clip as solo artist with “Never Ever”.

Na Hae Ryung (Bestie)

Na Hae Ryung Bestie

Born in 1994, I already know Bestie for a long time, but didn’t pay too much attention to them, and I also not aware of Na Hae Ryung’s existence back then.

Until one day I watched Running Man and finally saw Hae Ryung as guest in episode 253. At that time she was paired with Ji Suk Jin in the game, and after that I noticed this girl is very beautiful and cute. How could I didn’t know there was a really beautiful woman in Bestie.

Then Na Hae Ryung also played in a web drama titled “9 Seconds Eternal Time” with Lee Joo Sung, which also I crowned this web drama as one of the “top 10 best Korean mobile/web dramas of all time“.

Jisoo (Blackpink)

Jisoo blackpink

Blackpink is a girl group that just debuted recently, the members are pretty and very good at rapping. One of them is Jisoo who I think is the most beautiful among the members.

You can see her in Blackpink’s music videos or their live performances, one of their song is “Whistle” (i like it more than Boombayah).

In this life performance video, Jisoo is the girl who wear purple shirt, she is so gorgeous.

Moving on to top 10! More beautiful girls.

Kang Min Kyung (Davichi)

kangminkyung davichi

Born in 1990, I heard about Kang Min Kyung for the first time in her dating rumour Lee Min Ho (maybe around 2010 if i’m not mistaken).

When compared with her Davichi-mate Lee Hae Ri, maybe more people will choose Min Kyung because she is very beautiful. Proved by many dramas that she played. Even in some dramas she is the main actor.

I found her Gillette CF video. This video will make you feel like dating her (WOWOW!!). I really want to be the cameraman.

Solbin (Laboum)

solbin laboum

Born in 1997, Solbin is the most beautiful member in Laboum (in my opinion). She resembles KARA Han Seung-yeon and actress Hwang Jung Eum. It’s just that she’s taller.

Laboum also has similar fate with Oh My Girl, has many outstanding songs but did not get much attention and recognition. In fact, I think their new song “Journey to Atlantis”/”Imagine More” is the best K-pop songs I’ve ever heard in 2016. Even better than Twice’s “Cheer Up” and I.O.I.’s “Dream Girls”. I hear that song every day and put it into my main playlist.

Jung Hwa (EXID)

jung hwa exid

I think the most beautiful girl in EXID is the maknae, Junghwa (born in 1995). Unfortunately, many people said that Hani is the most beautiful because she is very popular. But even so, Junghwa also has become a model in several advertisings.

I like her because beside she is the prettiest in EXID, she is also very adorable. In addition, her body posture is also great.

Park Chorong (Apink)

park cho rong apink

Probably most people would choose Son Naeun as the prettiest member in A-Pink, but for me, Chorong is the prettiest. Especially when she played in the drama “Plus Nine Boys” which I crowned as one of the “Top 10 Best Romantic Korean Drama of All Time“, her acting is very charming. I’m so jealous of Yook Sung Jae.

I think Chorong (born in 1991) has an aura that is more mature than the other members of A-Pink because she is the leader, and I really like girls who are mature (has a mother-like personality).

Here is a clip from “Plus Nine Boys”. I fell in love with her after watch this. Oh lucky Sungjae.

Kang Ye Bin (Pledis Girlz)

kang hye bin pledis grilz

Kang Yebin (born in 1998) is a member of Pledis Girlz which is also debuted recently. I’ve spoted her for the first time in PRODUCE 101, when she was having problems with her teammates from Cube Entertainment (Jeon Soyeon). When I saw Kang Yebin I think she looks like actress Oh Yeon Seo (Please Come Back Mister), and of course you know that Oh Yeon Seo is very pretty, so as Kang Yebin.

Here is her clip from PRODUCE 101 when performing “24 Hours”. She is so hot and gorgeous.

We arrived in top 5! Feel the beauty from higher level.

Yura (Girl’s Day)

yura girls day

The first time I saw Girl’s Day Yura (born in 1992) was in Girl’s Day’s music video “Twinkle Twinkle”, but I did not really paid attention to her because her hair is short so I thought she was less attractive. But one day i saw her with long hair, instantly I was amazed and thought “why is this girl so beautiful? And why I realize it now?”.

Eventually I began to find out more about Yura, and watch every show she attended, because she was so beautiful. Turns out she has a very funny and clumsy personality.

I was glad when I heard the news that Yura will play the variety show “We Got Married”, and I was watching it from the beginning to the end of the episode. Actually Yura is very charming with her beauty and innocence. But unfortunately it looks like Hong Jong Hyun was not suitable to Yura’s personality. This couple became one of the most awkward couple in WGM history. but still Yura was very charming in this show.

Woo Hee (Dalshabet)

woo hee dalshabet

Woo Hee (Born in 1991), is a member of K-Pop girl group “Dalshabet” which i’ve known since 2010 through their single “Supa Dupa Diva”, but Woo Hee was not in Dalshabet yet. Then in 2012 they cameback with “Mr. Bang Bang ” and Woo Hee was there, but at that time I was not paying much attention to Woo Hee until 2015 when I watched her in “The Time We Were Not in Love”, although her role was a minor characters (just as Ha Jiwon’s co-workers in the office), but I was fascinated by her beauty. “Where have I been?”. If you look, Woo Hee has a similar face with Davichi Kang Minkyung.

Then I also found a video of One Day Dating with Woo Hee. Look how pretty and adorable she is here.

Zhou Jieqiong / Pinky (I.O.I)

pinky zhoujieqiong IOI

Zhou Jieqiong (born in 1998) or usually called “Pinky” in Korean, is a member of girl group I.O.I. I think Pinky is the most beautiful girl in I.O.I., even no one can beat her in Produce 101. Surpassed Chaeyeon (in my eyes) who everyone Predict her to be the next Suzy in the near future.

I fell in love with Pinky at the first sight when i watched her in produce 101 performing Sunmi’s “Full Moon” together with Sohye and Chaeyeon. Wow she was so gorgeous and fascinating.

Runner Up : Chou Tzuyu (Twice)

chou tzuyu twice

Second place! Is Chou Tzuyu (born in 1999), it is actually very difficult for me to choose between the first and second place, because both of them really has a high-level beauty, but because Tzuyu is still very young and not mature enough, I ended up putting her in second place. Beside, seems like I still can’t figure out Tzuyu’s overall personality because she’s still not so fluent in Korean so it is still difficult for her to express herself and looks very shy.

But even so, many people are predicting that she will be the next Seolhyun in the future. Proven by many advertising that have Tzuyu as their model.

Tzuyu still able to grow more beautiful, and who knows maybe in the next 5-10 years she would be a dream girl for every men. I’m sure of that.

Here is the clip from Tzuyu when she made a mistake in “A Look at Myself” by saying the program is boring (LOLOL). She is so funny yet naive.

First Place : Irene (Red Velvet)

irene red velvet

And the winner is Irene (Born in 1991), leader of girl group Red Velvet. Why I chose her as the winner? Because I think Irene is the type of girl that is closest to my ideal type.

beside her exceptional beauty, I found out that she has a mother instinct. I’ve heard that she is very concerned with Yeri who are still attending school and even sometimes ironing her school uniform. So I think beside she is mature, she’s also very caring, and it is the type of my dream girl.

And I know how happy Park Bogum was that he could be a partner with Irene as MC in KBS Music Bank. You can see the video below when Irene pranking Park Bogum on April Fool day (I also want to be pranked by Irene) .


Okay guys, that was the top 15 most beautiful girls in K-pop girl groups of all time by (actually by my own eyes). I look forward to your comments about list above. If there are any Kpop girls that you think are very gorgeous and fascinating but not on my list, you can tell me who they are and why, so in case i missed her to put it on my list above, i can put her on the next list (maybe i can write the second part later).

Oh right, beside Kpop girls, are You also interested in Korean actresses? If yes, then find out who’s the most beautiful Among them in my top 15 most beautiful Korean actresses of all time post.

See you in the next post.