KMazing –  Every year, the K-Pop business welcomes countless new artists and groups.
However, numerous groups also will be forced to break up since their contracts have expired and the members have decided not to continue working with the agency.

Since the year 2022 is already here, these three girl band is eclipsing on their contract ending.

Girl Group with Contract Ending in 2022

DSP Media introduced the six-member female group in August 2015. But the group was involved in a bullying scandal in 2021, which resulted in a reduction of the group’s activities.


After former member Lee Hyun Joo stated that she quit the group because she was bullied by other members, the public slammed all of the members. Despite the fact that DSP Media and all of the members have disputed this, APRIL has faced backlash from fans, leading to the removal of one of its members, Naeun, from drama production.

This Cube Entertainment’s female group has been active since March 2015. But CLC hasn’t published a song since September 2020, and two of its members, Elkie and Sorn, have left the band since then.

Yujin, one of the members, recently joined Mnet’s survival show, Girls Planet 999. She also managed to desert and make her debut with Kep1er, a show-created team, on January 3, 2022.


Despite the fact that Yujin’s involvement was greatly anticipated and she made her debut, fans were concerned. Yujin disclosed during an interview during the event that Cube Entertainment had declared that CLC will no longer perform any group activities, causing outrage among fans.

CLC’s status is still uncertain as their contract ends this year, owing to a lack of group activity and a decline in the number of members, despite the agency’s absence of an official statement.

Since October 2015, this JYP Entertainment upbringing girl band has been performing miraculously. The nine-girl quintet was established as a by-product of the survival program Sixteen. TWICE has been the most successful girl band in terms of promotions and song releases to this point.


The Feels, TWICE’s debut English single, was released in 2021. It was also with this song that they made their first foray into the western market, peaking at #83 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. The group has already achieved international acclaim, and fans anticipate the contract will be renewed.

The fandom, on the other hand, is concerned about the two members, Mina and Jongyeon. They’ve been dealing with mental health issues for years, so they’ve taken some time off and haven’t performed in any group comebacks or performances.