KMazing – Through the Darkness is one of the crime dramas that will appeal to fans of the genre. If you’re looking for anything else than romantic series, Through the Darkness may be a good option.

Now, We Are Breaking Up was finally concluded last week, and Through the Darkness has taken its place. Check out the summary, and let’s get to know the characters!

Synopsis of Through the Darkness KDrama

The television series tells the story of the South Korean police who are facing a serial murder case. Red Hat was in charge of the sadistic murder case. The murderer engages in an action that is full of complicated intrigues and, as a result, difficult to predict. This also makes it harder for detectives to determine the perpetrator’s identity.


The investigators then had an idea to uncover the case by examining the personality of the criminal whose actions were imitated by Red Hat. The investigation was made easier because of the help of Song Ha Young (Kim Nam Gil), who came up with the idea.

The Cast of Through the Darkness KDrama

Kim Nam Gil
Kim Nam Gil will be the main character in this drama. He plays a character named Song Ha Young. Kim Nam Gil is a very active profile in various films and dramas.

Through the Darkness KDrama

His recently aired drama is One the Woman, but most of us will always remember his unique character on The Fiery Priest, which was aired in 2019.

Jin Sun Kyu
Jun Sun Kyu will play Kook Young Soo. Young Soo is on a team with Song Ha Young in the police force.

Jin Sun Kyu previously acted in the same drama as Kim Nam Gil during the series Live Up to Your Name and One the Woman. Some of the famous television series he has played are Vincenzo, Lawless Lawyer, and Kingdom Season 2.

Kim So Jin
Kim So Jin will be taking the role of Yoon Tae Yoo. The actress is better known as a big-screen actress, where she recently starred in Escape from Mogadishu, The Man Standing Next, and several other titles. The last drama she worked in was Marriage Contract in 2016.


Lee Dae Yeon
Lee Dae Yeon will be supporting the storyline as Baek Joon Sik. He is one of the most senior actors in the cast. The range of the senior actor is almost limitless as he has already taken part in several KDramas such as Lawless Lawyer, Revolutionary Love, Hi Bye Mama, and so on.

Well, that’s it, the synopsis and the list of the cast from Through the Darkness.